All Guns Recipes List in Wacky Wizards

All Guns Recipe List in Wacky Wizards

Recently, the developers of Wacky Wizards presented us with the next additions to the game, thanks to which the level system and weapons became available to users. In a virtual world with magic and spells, a fairly wide selection of weapons has appeared, which is easier to obtain than it seems.

How to Get and Use Weapons in Wacky Wizards

First of all, the player needs to get the pistol, which is given to magicians who have reached the ninth level in the Book of Potions. The current level will be displayed on the left page of the Book.

And as soon as you get to the right one, a gun will appear in the list of available ingredients. Getting to the ninth level is easy. Just complete quests, fight bosses, and brew new potions.

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So, with a pistol available, you will be able to brew destructive elixirs, thanks to which your character will easily cope with enemies of any complexity. And below we will present you with a list of all such potions and the ingredients for their cooking:

  • Bullet Potion – Pistol.
  • Potion of Dynamite – Pistol + Dynamite.
  • Giant Beam Potion – Pistol + Giant’s Ear.
  • Flamethrower Potion – Pistol + Chili Pepper.
  • Bee Potion – Pistol + Honey.
  • Knockout Potion – Pistol + Magic Component (Fairy).
  • Bean Potion – Pistol + Beans.
  • Water Gun Potion – Pistol + Fish.
  • Poopy-gun Potion – Pistol + Rotten Sandwich.
  • Pig Launcher Potion – Pistol + Pet Tokens.
  • Poison Hair Potion – Pistol + Spider.
  • Buxshoot Potion – Pistol + Robux.
  • Freeze Potion – Pistol + Frozen Egg.
  • Firearms Potion – Air Strike + Pistol.

As you can see, the Wacky Wizards mode continues to introduce new additions, thanks to which the popularity of the game is growing.

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All Guns Recipes List in Wacky Wizards


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