All Game Modes in Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends has grown to a massive player base and the developers continue to update the game with new and fresh content. There are multiple game modes to enjoy in the game and oftentimes it can seem like the game is loaded with too much content.


For new players, they may get confused on which mode to actually play in order to get more resources. And while the game has an autoplay feature that lets you play without giving it your full attention, there’s a lot to do that will result in players sticking to less effective methods of farming.


So in this article we’ll be breaking down all the game modes in Raid: Shadow Legends in brief details to help you understand them.

Campaign Mode

Campaign mode is the central story behind Raid: Shadow Legends and it’s the first game mode that you will come across in the game. Campaign mode requires you to make your way through a list of dungeons and the difficulty I creates as you progress higher. The game offers up to 12 campaign settings with each of them having as many as twelve individual stages.

Dungeons Mode

In this mode, plahees will battle against two waves of enemies before facing the overall dungeon boss. The bosses you encounter here are always tougher to beat compared to campaign bosses. They provide essentially good rewards that you can farm as you become more aware of the items you need.

Faction Wars Mode

In Faction Wars, you get to be part of a team. It’s very much an end-game sort of activity that will require players to have many champions and plenty of good gear attached to them. Faction Wars will require you to create a team composition that’s comprised solely of champions that belong to the same faction.

Clan Boss Mode

This mode requires you to take on a tough-to-beat boss with a clan. Joining clans is one of the ways you can get more resources in Raid: Shadow Legends and if you’re part of one, you’ll need to buy a Clan Boss key before you can face off against a boss that’s even tougher than campaign and dungeon mode bosses.

Arena: PVP Mode

In this mode, players go head to head against each other using their teams of champions. All champions will have Arena stats that are seperate from the stats listed in the Great Hall, so ineffective champions in normal modes could be a dark horse when it comes to PVP matches.

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All Game Modes in Raid: Shadow Legends


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