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All Fiend Rose Locations in Diablo 4

All Fiend Rose Locations in Diablo 4
Image via Activision Blizzard

If you are to survive battles with demons and exploring dangerous dungeons, you are going to need the right gear. Diablo 4 offers an open-world adventure in which players will need to use a combination of wits, strength and devastating weaponry to conquer the darkness. The best way to get what you need to upgrade weapons is by harvesting the Fiend Rose, and you can find all the locations in Diablo 4 below.

Where to Find Fiend Roses in Diablo 4

There are a few places to explore and find the Fiend Rose including chests and dropped by enemies in PvE battles, however these drops are rare so it will take some time collecting a good number of roses. If you are looking to farm a good number of Fiend Roses then your best bet is to level up to at least level 50, reaching the heady heights of World Tier Level 3. At this level you will unlock the chance to unlock Helltide Events.

Image via Activision Blizzard

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Sanctuary will be altered, more enemies of varying power will crop up, and there will be a variety of collectibles and currencies to enjoy too. As the landscape will change, it will spread toxicity to plant life, encouraging the Fiend Roses to grow with more ferocity. Explore the land and harvest the flowers like you would any other plants in Diablo 4.

What do Fiend Roses do in Diablo 4?

This rare plant is used to craft high-level recipes such as Major and Super Healing Potions and enchant weaponry with Legendary affixes. Because of its amazing properties, it is an elusive plant, pretty difficult to find, and not readily available until you have progressed through much of the game. Once you have gained a Fiend Rose you can use it to enchant Legendary weapons and gear with affixes, giving buffs that can improve stats or other extremely useful effects. Take the Fiend Rose to an Occultist who can use the plant to alter your item.

Not all has been revealed about the Fiend Rose, and there may be more to discover about its properties and uses in Diablo 4.

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All Fiend Rose Locations in Diablo 4