All Equipment and Armor in Aragami 2 | Full List


Aragami 2 is an incredibly addictive third-person stealth game available for consoles and PC. Players will have to become one of the Aragami warriors and save their clan. To do this, you need to complete various missions and defeat your enemies using special abilities. And in this guide, we will tell you about all the Equipment and Armor in Aragami 2.

All Equipment and Armor in Aragami 2

In Aragami 2 you will have to fight different enemies with different abilities. You can complete each mission in different ways, and even with friends. And to distinguish each other, you can choose different Equipment.

There are 10 Armor sets in the game. And most of them can be unlocked by completing certain missions and finding blueprints in locations. Each set consists of 4 pieces including the sword.

Unfortunately, the Armor is a cosmetic item. You can equip parts of different sets, and change their color. But you won’t get any new abilities for it. And so, here is a List of all Equipment and Armor:

  • Shadow Mask
  • Shadow Trousers
  • Shadow Attire
  • Shadow Sword
  • Tetsu Mask
  • Tetsu Trousers
  • Tetsu Attire
  • Tetsu Sword
  • Oni Mask
  • Oni Chestpiece
  • Oni Greaves
  • Oni Blade
  • Kitsune Mask
  • Kitsune Attire
  • Kitsune Trousers
  • Ancient Blade
  • Tengu Mask
  • Tengu Vest
  • Tengu Trousers
  • Tengu Blade
  • Kasai Mask
  • Kasai Armor
  • Kasai Leggings
  • Conflagration Blade
  • Ronin Mask
  • Ronin Vest
  • Ronin Trousers
  • Vagrant Blade
  • Oni Mask
  • Oni Chestpiece
  • Oni Greaves
  • Oni Blade
  • Kurotsuba Headband
  • Kurotsuba Armor
  • Kurotsuba Leggings
  • Kurotsuba Blade
  • Shinigami Mask
  • Shinigami Chestpiece
  • Shinigami Greaves
  • Shinigami Blade

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All Rune Stats in Aragami 2

Collecting them all will be another challenge. For example, to get the Shinigami Set, you must complete the game. But you can equip Armor with different Essence Runes that can increase your stats. You can use up to 4 Runes in total. It is worth noting that each Essence Rune increases some stats and lowers others. Therefore, you need to choose them wisely. And here is their complete list:

  • Steal
  • Earth
  • Defense
  • Attack
  • Protection
  • Brutality
  • Silence
  • Energy
  • Wrath
  • Agility
  • Eternity
  • Dodge
  • Warrior
  • Flight
  • Toughness
  • Block

This was all the Equipment and Armor in Aragami 2. Experiment with different pieces and colors to make your character unique. And we hope you enjoyed this guide.

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All Equipment and Armor in Aragami 2 | Full List


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