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All Endings in Volcano Princess

Learn about all the endings in Volcano Princess even if you can't unlock them all!

You might be training a new heiress to the kingdom in Volcano Princess, but she still has so many options for her path in life. Raising a daughter is difficult, even in a video game, but the great part is that you can experiment with different career choices and see what suits your young protégé the best.

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If you’re wondering where the game can take your royal daughter in her professional and romantic pursuits, you don’t have to play the game over and over again. In this article, we bring you all the endings in Volcano Princess that we currently know of so that you know what you’re in for from the start!

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All Career Endings in Volcano Princess

You can get various endings by exploring different career paths and maxing out professions. Here’s the overview of all options that are available in the game.

Path of the Monarch

  • Volcano Queen
  • Volcano Goddess
  • Honorable Knight

Live for Ultimate Wisdom

  • Judge
  • Nun
  • Scholar
  • The Great Scholar
  • Priest
  • Archbishop
  • Minister

In Pursuit of Greater Power

  • Soldier
  • Warrior
  • Guard Captain
  • Undercover Police Detective
  • Gold Adventurer
  • Marksman
  • Hunter
  • General

Become the Most Charismatic

  • Theatre Star
  • Belle
  • Theatre Actress
  • Concubine
  • Haunted Inn Keeper
  • Countess
  • Dancer
  • Upperclass Courtesan
  • Harlot

I Want to Try All Kinds of Professions

  • The Wealthiest in the World
  • Commoner
  • Royal Fortune Teller
  • Diligent Farmer
  • Oarsman
  • Heart-Throb
  • Doctor
  • Bricklayer
  • Merchant
  • Top Chef
  • Unemployed
  • Entrepreneur
  • Street Fortune Teller
  • Waitress

Let Art and I Become One

  • Popular Novelist
  • Famous Pianist
  • Amateur Novelist
  • Music Composer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Prominent Cartoonist
  • Royal Painter
  • Legendary Artist
  • Wandering Singer
  • Opera Heroine
  • Great Writer
  • Bard


  • Heaven Society’s Boss
  • Demon Queen
  • Rascal
  • Cultist
  • Fraudster

All Romance Endings in Volcano Princess

Volcano Princess
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Besides many career paths, your Volcano Princess can choose between various love interests. Depending on whom she chooses as her partner, you will get to see a different ending when she maximizes that relationship. In the list below, we bring you all romantic endings and related partners in Volcano Princess:

  • Let’s Harvest Wheat Together Ending – Benson, Hackett, Craig, Lon, and Ze
  • Nina’s Bride Ending – Marry Nina
  • A Promise to Grandpa Ending – Marry Ellen
  • Braveheart Lakeside Ending – Marry Lebsa
  • The Prince’s Ever After Ending – Marry Kenneth
  • Soldier’s Wife Ending – Marry Mark
  • The Judge’s St. Elmo’s Fire Ending – Marry Ze
  • Chef’s Honey Ending – Marry Mona
  • The Scholar’s Spring Breeze Ending – Marry Claude
  • Girl’s Paradise Ending – Mona and Nina
  • The Bird of Red Ending – Marry Hackett
  • The Nun’s Keeper Ending – Marry Connie
  • The Queen’s Exclusive Knight Ending – Marry Gwyneth
  • The Bard’s Companion Ending – Marry Derek
  • Musician’s Sun Ending – Marry Craig
  • The Novelist’s Heroine Ending – Marry Lon
  • Kite of the Royal Family Ending – Gwyneth and Kenneth
  • Painter’s Mockingbird Ending – Marry Benson
  • Mutual Care Ending – Marry Mary
  • My Cloth Designer Ending – Marry Rebecca
  • My Weapon Forger Ending – Marry Blacksmith’s son

Is There a True Ending in Volcano Princess?

Yes, there is. Besides the endings that you get if you max out certain relationships and career paths, Volcano Princess has a true ending that will get you the achievement with the same name. To get the true ending, you need to beat every forest location’s boss and finish the special mission you will get invited to afterward.

That’s all there is to know about all possible endings in Volcano Princess. Have fun exploring them all and check out our list of the top five mobile games releasing in 2023 if you need more excitement.

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All Endings in Volcano Princess