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All Easter Egg Locations in Roblox Barry’s Prison Run

All Easter Egg Locations in Roblox Barry’s Prison Run
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Barry Bunny the prison guard has decided the inmates can have a bit of fun for the Easter holidays and has hidden eggs around the prison. There are 10 Easter treats to find as you also try to complete the 25 obby challenges and avoid the guard. Earn yourself an exclusive badge by discovering each Easter Egg!

We can help you with this egg-cellent challenge by showing you all Easter egg locations in Roblox Barry’s Prison Run.

How to Find Every Easter Egg in Barry’s Prison Run: Roblox

The Easter Egg Hunt 2023 has begun in Roblox Barry’s Prison Run! Jump into a game right now and start searching for each colored egg as you try to complete the challenging obby. The first thing you should do is make this as easy as you can for yourself by selecting Easy Mode and toggling First Person Mode OFF. You can always prove your skills by attempting to complete it in hard mode after you have discovered all the Easter eggs and gained your badge.

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Follow the steps below carefully to retrieve each Easter egg in Roblox Barry’s Prison Run

  1. As you load into the game you start in your cell. Turn around and walk up the bunk bed ladder, along the wall to the vent. Enter the vent and travel through, kicking open the vent at the end into a room inside the vent system. Hop along the tops of the vents you come to until you get to a platform with a green and red button. Press the button to make the small grid walkways pop up, jump along each one until you get to another platform with a greenish coloured Easter egg.
  2. Make your way through the vent to your left and you will fall down into a room. Proceed forwards into a large room where Bunny Barry the prison guard is patrolling. He will chase you but do not worry, he’s not exactly a world class guard. As you run away from a very gassy Barry, press the button you see on the side. Head towards the stairs and check underneath- there should be a brown Easter egg right there!
  3. Go up the steps and head right, follow the yellow arrow that takes you along the pipes on the wall. Head right to the vent in the wall. Travel along this vent until you drop down, turn around and head through to the next room. Barry has hidden the third egg in a toilet stall which, to be quite honest, is not very hygienic.
  4. The third toilet stall you run past has a shovel leaning against the wall and a hole in the floor, dig your way down and you will end up in a cave-like area with lava to avoid! Hope along each rocky platform and get to the bridge. Very quickly jump from each wooden slat on the bridge as the break away as you go. Just before you go through the mouth-shaped doorway there is a yellow Easter egg on the right.
  5. Head through the scary looking doorway and get ready to jump from each stone platform to avoid the spikes in the floor and stop at the end. A giant stone ball will almost crush you if you run too soon. Run to the right as soon as the ball passes you and head into a gap in the wall to avoid the next ball. As soon as that has passed, run to the right to the next gap, and wait for the next bone-crushing ball. Run and head left to find a ladder and climb up into the next room. A guard is in this room so keep running away to avoid them. The egg is sat in a corner, it is bright pink so you can’t miss it.
  6. Still avoiding the guard, run around to find the archway, go through and find a rope pulley to interact with. This opens one of the gates which you can escape through and head up the stairs. At the top, go right and into a small room. Stand on the platform and press the button to travel upwards. Go left, use the vending machine to obtain an energy drink which gives you a speed boost. Sprint through the next obstacles with ease until you get to the grid platforms. Before you head to the ladder at the end, keep going right on the grids and you will find the next Easter egg around a corner.
  7. Unfortunately it is basically impossible to jump back up onto a previous platform so jump down and respawn back to the start of this section. Make your way along again, this time heading to the ladder. Go up that ladder, up the next ladder, and at the top head right. Go through the door marked Storage Room. Look right and there is a purple Easter egg to pick up.
  8. Pick up the step ladder from the corner of the Storage Room and carry it along the corridor until you get to a hatch in the ceiling. Go up and into a vent area, avoiding the spikes along the way. Head left, up the next ladder, and along the pipes. The pipes will take you up to some valves which you should turn off using the three red wheels. Hop along the vents and upwards to a silver egg hidden just under the vent where you will next escape through.
  9. Run through the vent to the next obby area where you will have to run and jump onto each platform in the icy wind. You will get to a ladder which you should climb to reach a room with a massive fan. Let the fan float you up into a vent. Run along and you will find yourself in the main prison. Garry the Chef will chase you and splat you with food, but unfortunately no eggs! Run to the Food-Zooka so it is a fair fight and shoot food at him until he is defeated. Head out of the doorway and find a red egg on your left.
  10. Head down where the yellow arrows are pointing and you will tumble down to another area. Head to the right and go up the ladder provided, and out of the exit door. Let the giant fan lift you up, and try to avoid the deadly lasers. Head through the door at the top, and immediately left and up the ladder. Grab two metal walkways and use them to get across the next section. Head through the doors and defeat Barry’s Mech Robot with your Food-Zooka! He will explode, a door will open to reveal a SAWT Van you can steal, and burst through the gates into the desert. As you escape the final egg is hidden by two cactus on your left, before you get to the mountains!

Once all eggs have been found, you will have earned your Easter Egg Hunt 2023 Badge in Roblox Barry’s Prison Run! If you were egg-cited about this obby, why not check out this quest in Wacky Wizards on Roblox?

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All Easter Egg Locations in Roblox Barry’s Prison Run


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