All Door Codes and Puzzle Solutions in Heaven Dust 2

Heaven Dust 2 is an interesting survival horror game where you will need to fight against different zombies and other walking dead. There you will find a lot of weapons, pieces of equipment, and locations that you will need to visit. Some of these areas may be closed and you may need to open certain doors. These doors can be locked and you will need to use a code or solve a puzzle to open them. This guide will tell you all the door codes and puzzles solutions in Heaven Dust 2.

All Door Codes and Puzzle Solutions in Heaven Dust 2

There are lots of different doors in Heaven Dust 2. Some of them are locked and require you to find and use a certain code or solve a certain puzzle. In case you don’t want to search for these codes or puzzle solutions you may want to find them on the Internet. Here is the list of all door codes and puzzle solutions in Heaven Dust 2:

  • Cryo Chamber Code – 518
  • Gates near the First Fountain – 645
  • Gates near the Second Fountain – 326
  • First Pool Table – 8617
  • Second Pool Table – 5186
  • Swimming Pool Door – 1991
  • Office Area Door – FLOWER FEATHER (top row / left, right); FISHTAIL FLAME (bottom row / left, right)
  • Wall Box in Wood Cabin Code – 0147
  • Overlook Code – 2182
  • Graveyard Door – FISHTAIL FEATEHR (top row / left, right); FLAME FLOWER (bottom row / left, right)
  • Code from the Chest near Two Statues of Angels – 2891

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