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All DNA Bosses Locations in Shinobi Life 2

All DNA Bosses Locations in Shinobi Life 2
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Who wants to be a boring human, when you can be a shark? In Roblox Shinobi Life 2, players can change into different races if they manage to find special DNA strands dropped by certain bosses. Some of these DNA bosses are well-hidden, so here are all DNA bosses locations in Shinobi Life 2.

How to find all DNA bosses in Shinobi Life 2

To change your race, you must first acquire the appropriate DNA strand. Once you have your desired DNA strand, head to Ryuji Cave and talk to Kabu Cobra at rank Z or higher. You can spin for a new race for 20,000 RELL coins.

There are four DNA strands you can collect from bosses: Snake, Shark, Puppet, and Celestial. The first three are dropped by specific bosses that must be found, while the last one is obtained through an event battle.

Kabu Cobra (Snake DNA)

Travel to Village: Obelisk. Go towards the ramen restaurant, then turn the opposite direction of the entrance and drop into the water. You should see a fork in the water, so take the left path.

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Follow this river down, ignoring the first branching path on the right. Eventually, you reach a large lake area, so hang towards the right side. You should see a boss scroll on a nearby ledge—that is not the one we are looking for, but we do have to go past it.

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You should find yourself in a forest now. Go forward towards the rocky platform in the center, then turn to the left, and you should see Kabu Cobra’s boss scroll on a nearby ledge.

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Deuce Wanziame (Shark DNA)

Travel to Village: Haze. Once again, we are starting from the ramen restaurant, so be sure to grab a quick bite if you are hungry!

Facing the ramen restaurant, turn left and go towards the bridge. Once you hit the bridge, jump off into the water to the right and go straight.

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Continue going straight until you hit a large island in the middle of the water. Turn to the right, then keep going straight.

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Keep moving forward, and you will see a beach over the horizon. To the left is a small ledge that has Deuce’s boss scroll on it.

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Ailee Minakami (Puppet DNA)

Travel to Village: Dunes. As always, we are starting at the ramen restaurant. The dunes village is very cramped compared to the other villages, so do not get lost!

Approach the ramen restaurant with it on your right side. There is a path that leads out of the village to a run-down bridge, so go there.

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You will see a boss scroll for Garin Atomic, so keep going straight past it. Climb up the small hills to find another bridge, so go across it.

At the end of the bridge, climb up the two walls to enter a large forest. Turn right here and continue going straight.

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Continue going straight until you see a ledge with the Pika Senko boss scroll on it. Not much further now, so go past it and the large dead tree. Ailee’s boss scroll awaits you on a ledge below.

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Kagoku (Celestial DNA)

Getting the Celestial DNA requires you to defeat a very powerful boss, so only attempt this if you are high level. It is also best to tackle the challenge with other players and friends.

When you are ready, open up your mission menu with the L key if you are on PC. Select the main missions tab, then scroll down until you see Event: KAGOKU. Click on GO to start the challenge.

As we mentioned, Kagoku is a very powerful foe, but if you manage to beat her, your reward is the Celestial DNA.

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All DNA Bosses Locations in Shinobi Life 2


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