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All Differences Between Super Mario RPG Remake and Original

All Differences Between Super Mario RPG Remake and Original
Screenshot from official game trailer.

Mario fans were in for a treat with the news from the latest Nintendo Direct, when it was revealed that a remake of Super Mario RPG is happening. Cited by fans as one of the best Mario titles of all time, players have waited patiently for this remake and are excited to see it come to fruition soon.

Based on the trailer, it looks like Nintendo managed to capture the magic of the original while putting in some modern touches, something that hopefully makes everyone happy. It’s a release we all look forward to. If you’re looking to see how the games compare to one another, here are all the differences between the Super Mario RPG remake and the original.

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Super Mario RPG remake release date

The Super Mario RPG remake launches on Nov. 17, 2023, and it is already in pre-order on the Nintendo eShop. It’s likely we don’t get the finer details on the gameplay until the release day approaches, but from the generous trailer, we can certainly infer what to expect.

New features in Super Mario RPG remake

A boss in Super Mario RPG remake.
Screenshot from official game trailer, via Nintendo

From the looks of things, the biggest change is, of course, the brand-new graphics. The massive improvement and modernized frame rate allow players to have a completely different visual experience than they had before. Now, bosses and other beloved characters are in their full 3D glory in a front-and-center setup. This is something that certainly makes things more dramatic and intense, allowing for a deeper emotional immersion.

Gameplay changes in Super Mario RPG remake

If you’ve ever played a retro game after not touching it for 20 years, you’ve likely gotten the culture shock that is the tightness of older games—which comes from the linear playing sensation and the horrid camera angles. From the looks of things, the Super Mario RPG remake is going to be more relaxed in its controls, but don’t expect a complete redo. The theme here definitely is loyalty to the original.

Battle system changes in Super Mario RPG remake

Besides a graphics update, the battle system is getting some new features. The trailers shows that the new version outwardly displays the HP of party members and other important stats. This makes the turn-based format much more user-friendly, since you are more informed in making strategical choices.

From the looks of things, the Super Mario RPG remake is one to look forward to this coming autumn. Keep following our coverage, as more things are to be revealed about the game over the next few months.

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All Differences Between Super Mario RPG Remake and Original