All Dead by Daylight Mobile Perks Located in Shrine of Secrets

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Dead by Daylight is one of the online multiplayer games that has grown the most in recent years, and it is easy to see why, as the game’s experience is unlike any other.

The game, developed by Behaviour Interactive, has grown so much that it has spawned a mobile version called Dead by Daylight Mobile, which combines features seen in the console and PC game with some brand new ones that make the entire experience better suited for mobile devices.

Among the most important features in the main Dead by Daylight game is the Shrine of Secrets, a market where it is possible to purchase Teachable Perks or exchange Iridescent Shards for Bloodpoints. Here’s what the market offers in Dead by Daylight Mobile.

All Dead by Daylight Mobile Perks Located in Shrine of Secrets

Unfortunately, the Shrine of Secrets doesn’t offer any Perk for purchase in Dead by Daylight Mobile as it is simply not available in the game. Being a rather big feature of the main console and PC game, it is not impossible that it will make its way onto the mobile game in the future, but we expect it will be heavily reworked, given how different some of the Dead by Daylight Mobile’s mechanics are compared to those of the original game.

The Shrine of Secrets debuted in Dead by Daylight with Patch 1.2.0. which went live in October 2016. As already mentioned, it allows players to purchase Teachable Perks without having to level any character, and it resets every Wednesday, so the available Perks change quite often.

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All Dead by Daylight Mobile Perks Located in Shrine of Secrets


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