All Choplifting Locations Guide in Saints Row


To get new cars and improve old ones in Saints Row, you are supposed to get a lot of money. Moreover, you need to update the game level fast. And a good way to earn is to do choplifting. Read this guide, and you will find out all the choplifting locations in Saints Row. No time to lose. Let’s get started!

Choplifting Locations in Saints Row

The first and the main thing you need to know about choplifting is that it is a good way to get the small number of resources fast. Also, choplifting is the perfect option if you do not want to complete the storyline. And you can see all locations with their rewards and bonus objectives in the sheet below. Be sure, choplifting is really helpful if you want to progress in Saints Row.

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MapBonus ObjectivesRewards
Rojas Desert NorthMaintain Max Airspeed for 60sFly Low for 100s1200 XP$ 4,000MDI-85 Carbine
Smelterville WestSmash Objects with Payload x150Total Low Flying Time of 120s2000 XP$ 8,000
Old Town EastMaintain Max Airspeed for 20sKeep the payload low for 20s1200 XP$ 4,000
West FlatsMaintain Max Airspeed for 30sKeep the payload low for 30s1200 XP$ 4,000Goggles, Aviator
El DoradoSmash Objects with Payload x100Keep the Payload Low for 45s1200 XP$ 4,000El Lanzador
Badlands NorthMaintain Max Airspeed for 30sKeep the payload low for 40s1200 XP$ 4,000MDI-77 Auto Rifle

In conclusion, there are 6 different choplifting locations in Saints Row. And to find out if this game mode is suitable for you, start completing them with simple locations like Old Town East and continue with the harder one. Be sure, that is the best way to play choplifting in Saints Row. That is how it is. Thank you for reading the guide. Hope you find it helpful!

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All Choplifting Locations Guide in Saints Row


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