All Chest Locations in NI No Kuni Cross Worlds

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Chests are collectibles that are placed all over the world in NI No Kuni Cross Worlds. There are numerous chests that are hidden around the game area. The chests can be of different types:

  • Standard (will respawn later).
  • Of high rarity.

Sometimes it may be quite challenging to locate all the chests in the game. That is why, to help the players complete this mission, we have created a detailed guide on where to locate all the chests in NI No Kuni Cross Worlds. Are you interested in this information? Great! Keep reading to get this information!

Locating All Chests in NI No Kuni Cross Worlds

Please check the list below to see all the spots where you can locate the chests in the game:

Southern Heartlands

  • Farm Back Street Chest.  Please search behind the Farmhouse at the top of the rock there.
  • Great Uncle Autumn’s Watchful Chest. Check near the unobstructed area on the left crossroad of the Great Uncle tree.
  • Uphill Street Chest. Uphill in front of the Great Uncle tree.

          Eastern Heartlands

  • Sulfur Mine Chest. Head along the road uphill to the Sulfur Mine.
  • Waterlogged Chest. Check the underwater cave.
  • Ruin Wreckage Chest. Search down the cliff heading towards the beach at the Eastern Ruin Plains.

Golden Grove

  • Tree Vine Chest. – Check on the tree near the Mushroom Tree village.
  • Chest on Boulders. – Climb a rock on the riverbank near the waterfalls.
  • Stone Steps Chest. – Head to a pile of rocks near a Sakura tree at the Fairyground.

Serene Forest 

  • Treeroot Chest. Follow the way to the top in the middle of the woods.
  • Chest by the Water. Look on a rock near the waterside at the Boar Tribe camp. 
  • Chest on a Mushroom. Check on a rock above a giant mushroom. 

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Allegra Plateau 

  • Chest Hidden Between Trees. Use the passageway surrounded by trees in the Geyser area. 
  • Chest Hidden Below. Climb the stairs and use the jumping mechanism to reach the rock with the chest. 
  • Chest on Rocks. Pass the tent with a campfire close to the map entrance. Jump across the logs and the chest is on a cliff nearby. 

Cloudcoil Canyon 

  • Thorny Vine Chest. Look near Dreamland. Pass a narrow bridge to reach the chest. 
  • Chest on Wooden Plank. Across the wooden plank, out of the map edges. 
  • Ravine Bone Chest. Near the entrance at Stone Pillar Ravine (jump over the bones to see it). 

Winter Wonderland 

  • Tree Vine Bridge Chest. It is located on a hill after a snow house once you transit the vine bridge.
  • Snow-covered Cliff Chest. Mount the stepping stones left of a small bridge for Flurry Basin.
  • Across the Bridge Chest. Cross the bridge, and jump on the stones to reach the cliff with the chest. 

Glittering Grotto 

  • Chest Below Wooden Bridge. Jump twice from the edge of the cliff at the Coffinpicker Fortress.
  • Unstable Wooden Bridge Chest. Search near the ruined bridge.
  • Waterfall Chest. Check behind the waterfall at the Frozen Estuary.

Burning Desert 

  • Collapsed Ruin Chest. At the Mysterious Desert Ruins, you will see a pillar bridge.
  • Ruin Pillar Chest. Check next to the top of the ruins’ pillar.
  • Cheese Rock Chest. Look near the ponds.

Witch’s Woods

  • Chest by a Boulder. Explore the tree around the rock. At the far end of the Southern Crescent Plain, there is a large tree. Get on it to reach the chest.
  • Chest Below Boulder. There’s something hidden under the rock. At the Southern Crescent Plain, there is a tree with a chest sitting on it. 
  • Chest on a Tree. At the Strange Swamp, near the waterfalls, there is a tree on the left corner. The chest is discovered at the base of the tree.

Woebegone Wilds 

  • Chest in a Shrine. At the Shrine of Fires, the chest is located at the back.
  • Statue Protecting Chest. At the left corner of Waterfall of Honor, Shirine of Waters, you will see a cliff mountain. The chest is on that cliff.
  • Chest inside a Waterfall. At the Shrine of Waters, find waterfalls on the right side corner, you ought to use your mount to hop the rocks going inside the waterfalls. The chest is inside.

Rainbow Valley 

  • Broken Shrine Chest. Search through the rubble of the ruined shrine.
  • Rainbow Ore Chest. Jump on top of the rainbow ore and go to Long Stride Quarry and take the first quarry on the right.
  • Rainbow mine Chest. Explore the bottom of the rainbow mine. Run to the port near the teleport gate. You’ll see a boat and a ramp at a watchtower there. 

We wish you to find all the chests! Have fun!

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All Chest Locations in NI No Kuni Cross Worlds


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