Ever since the Legacy system was added to Fortnite during Chapter 2 Season 1, players have been enjoying the different challenges and achievements that come with it. 

With Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 currently underway, we have a whole new list of nuanced Legacies, aka Achievements and Feats, that players can earn while playing the game.

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We have prepared a handy list of all legacies you will find in Chapter 3, Season 1 of Fortnite, all to help you out with your endeavor on clearing the different Legacies and earning the achievements.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Full Legacy List

Here is the complete list of Legacies you will find in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1:

Weapon Mastery

  • Ammo Sprayer – Earn SMG Expert
  • AR Ace – Earn AR Expert
  • Blown Away – Earn Explosives Expert
  • Melee Master – Earn Pickaxe Expert
  • Practiced Pistol Player – Earn Pistol Expert
  • Shotgun Star – Earn Shotgun Expert
  • Snipemaster – Earn Sniper Expert
  • Dual Specialist – Earn two different weapon specialist accolades during the same match
  • Three Times the Knowledge – Earn three different weapon specialist accolades during the same match
  • Adept Attacker – Earn four different weapon specialist accolades during the same match
  • Diversified Fighter – Earn five different weapon specialist accolades during the same match
  • Jack of Most Trades – Earn six different weapon specialist accolades during the same match
  • Expert Marksman – Earn seven different weapon accolades during the same match


  • A Snack for the Ground – Throw a consumable
  • Axe-ceptional Elim – Eliminate an opponent with a Harvesting Tool
  • Big Bar Spender – Spend 250 Gold Bars
  • Bounty Sniped – Eliminate an opponent who is someone else’s bounty
  • Clear Skies – Eliminate an opponent while they are gliding
  • Crafty Upgrade – Craft a weapon
  • Don’t Flip Out – Land at the new map for Chapter 3
  • Flipped the Script – Defend a teammate who has a bounty
  • Golden Flop – Get eliminated by a Mythic Goldfish
  • Look at ‘Em Fly – Eliminate an opponent by yeeting them
  • Seasoned Hunter – Hunt one wildlife creature
  • See Ya Next Loop – Complete a bounty
  • Stay Evasive – Evade a bounty
  • That’s Mine – Eliminate an opponent who just opened a Supply Drop
  • The Fish of Doom – Eliminate an opponent with a Mythic Goldfish
  • Triple Digits – Reach Season level 100


  • Solo Winner – Win a Solo match
  • Still Standing – Win ten Solo matches
  • Island Champion – Win 100 Solo matches
  • It Takes Two – Win a Duos match
  • Decisive Duo Winner – Win 10 Duos matches
  • Duo Domination – Win 100 Duos matches
  • Three’s Not a Crowd – Win a Trios match
  • Triple the Success – Win 10 Trios matches
  • Trios Trounced – Win 100 Trios matches
  • Squad Up – Win a Squads match
  • Dreamy Teamwork – Win 10 Squads matches
  • We’re a Little Scared of You – Win 100 Squads matches
  • A Little Rumble, as a Treat – Win a Rumble match
  • A Whole Lotta Rumble, as a Treat – Win 100 Rumble matches
  • The Eliminator – Win a Solo match with 10 plus eliminations [Newly added]


  • Friend of the Fishies – Catch every type of fish
  • Good Neighbor – Meet every Character
  • It’s Him! – Catch a Mythic Goldfish
  • REALLY Big Bar Spender – Collect 1000 Gold Bars

Fortnite is a free-to-play battle royale game currently available on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC, and Classic Mac OS.

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All Career Legacies, Achievements, and Feats in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1


  1. I’ve unlocked an achievement called “The Eliminator” that’s not in this article; it’s for winning a solo match with 10+ eliminations.


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