Bravely Default II

While Bravely Default II features tons of different bosses, it’s only the battles against the Asterisk Holders that can be considered truly epic. They are among the most rewarding as well, since you will be able to unlock new Jobs by defeating these powerful enemies.

In Chapter 3, you will be facing five Asterisk Holders that will let you unlock five additional jobs. One of these battles is completely optional, but if you’re shooting for the game’s True Ending, you will have to clear it.

Here’s how to defeat all of the Bravely Default II Chapter 3 Asterisk Holders.

How To Defeat Glenn

Glenn is not a particularly strong Asterisk Holder, but it can cause you tons of troubles if you do not have a proper strategy. The Salve-Maker doesn’t deal a whole lot of damage on his own, focusing on debuffing you most of the time, but he can dish out tons of damage if attacked due to his ability to counter all sorts of attacks.

With this ability, your best choice during this fight is to deal as much damage as you can in a single turn, avoiding using Brave unless it’s for buffing or healing. Glenn is weak against Thunder, Daggers, and Spears, so make sure to bring the right Jobs to make short work of him.

By defeating Glenn, you will unlock the Salve Maker Job.

How To Defeat Martha

Despite being a Dragoon, Martha is among the easiest Asterisk Holders and overall bosses in the game. She is weak to Fire, Dark, Daggers and Bows, so bringing Black Mages and Monks will let you take her down easily. Poison her as well to make the fight even shorter: even with her counterattack capabilities, she poses no threat at all.

By defeating Martha, you will unlock the Dragoon Job.

How To Defeat Gladys And Helio

Gladys and Helio can be a real pain to deal with. Gladys will cover Helio for all damage, while the Spiritmaster can heal with Blessing and Regenerate, prolonging the fight even more.

The best way to deal with the two is to put Gladys to sleep first, so that she cannot cover Helio, and attack the Spiritmaster with Wind, Dark, Swords and Spears. He doesn’t a whole lot of HP, so he should go down relatively quickly.

Gladys, on the other hand, doesn’t go down as easily. Not only she has tons of HP, she hits very hard with her abilities, and often decides to Default to unleash multiple attacks in the following turns. As such, it is best to put her to sleep over and over and deal magic damage. In case you want to deal physical damage, you will need to play on the defensive: make sure to default after she has to reduce the massive damage she can deal.

By defeating Gladys and Helio, you will unlock the Swordmaster and Spiritmaster Jobs.

How To Defeat Domenic

Domenic is not as annoying to fight as Gladys and Helio, but he’s no pushover either. He can deal tons of magic damage thanks to his Triplara, Triplaga spells, and will counter attacks with the annoying Stop spell.

Other than keeping up magic defenses and healing accordingly, there isn’t a whole lot to do. He is weak against Dark, Daggers and Staves, but any physical oriented Job will do the job. Hit fast, hit hard and you should win in no time.

By defeating Domenic, you will unlock the Oracle Job.

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