Bravely Default II

After getting a taste of the real Bravely Default II in Chapter 1, your skills will start getting put to the test in Chapter 2. In this story chapter, you will have to face four more Asterisk Holders that will grant you access to new advanced Jobs upon defeat.

Here’s how to defeat all of the Asterisk Holders in Bravely Default II Chapter 2.

How To Defeat Roddy

Being a Red Mage, Roddy will primarily fight using a variety of spells in battle. He also counterattacks status ailments with a Stone-inducing attack, so avoid getting him poisoned, as the risks outweight the benefits quite a bit.

Physical attacks work great against Roddy. His fire weakness makes the Monk’s Fire Bird elemental ability extremely useful to deal tons of damage. just make sure to stock up on Brave Points to unleash as much damage as you can in a single turn. After getting low on HP, Roddy will try to heal himself with Healara, something that you should avoid at all costs to not prolong the battle.

Once Roddy has been taken down, you can focus on the Picto-Beleth that accompanies him. The monster isn’t that strong by itself, so go all out to win the battle.

By defeating Roddy, you will unlock the Red Mage Job.

How To Defeat Lily

Lily is definitely on the weaker side of the Asterisk Holders lineup. She can only deal physical damage, so make sure to buff your physical resistance to avoid getting too much damage. Physical damage oriented Jobs work great in this battle, also considering the Picto-Amrita is weak against all types of weapons. The only annoying attack she has is her Sword counter which inflicts Paralysis, but equipping the right accessory will negate the status effect, making this battle even more of a breeze.

By defeating Lily, you will unlock the Archer Job.

How To Defeat Galahad

The second battle against Galahad will be the most difficult Asterisk Holder fight yet. Not only he can take more than a few hits, but he also protects all members of his team, which is not surprising considering he is a Shieldmaster. And, as if all this wasn’t enough, he is accompanied by the monsters that fought alongside the previous Asterisk Holders as well as by Roddy and Lily themselves.

Magic-damage-oriented Jobs are not particularly effective here, as there are way too many resistances in place. Instead, bring a character that can put Galahad to sleep so that you can focus on all the other enemies. Monks work amazingly here, so the more you can bring into the battle, the better.

By Defeating Galahad, you will unlock the Shieldmaster Job.

How To Defeat Folie

After the battle against Galahad and his companions, the battle against Follie is a welcome change, as it is not as difficult. She is weak against Water and Spears, so equip your characters accordingly to deal tons of damage. The monsters she summons to her side are not particularly good, but you should still heal every now and then, as the painting in the back will cast Darkra every now and then. Wall of Despair will also inflict Poison and Dread, so be ready to heal afflictions as well as possible.

By defeating Folie, you will unlock the Pictomancer Job.

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