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All Boba Story Recipes

All Boba Story Recipes
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Can you run a cute little tea shop in Boba Story and help it become the most successful business it can be? Your customers are adorable animals who only want two things: boba and tea! Brew tea, add some popping bubbles or chewy tapioca pearls and jelly, and play mini-games to gain extra tips.

As you progress, you unlock some very special recipes and combinations, so, if you were wondering what lies ahead, here are all Boba Story recipes currently available in the game.

Every recipe combination in Boba Story

Some customers want some pretty fancy boba drinks, and if you want to satisfy every one of them, you need to know how to prepare all the best combinations. The list below starts with the latest additions to the Boba Story, and finishes with the older recipes.

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Recipe Ingredients
Strawberry Foam Sakura, Strawberry Milk, Sugar
Royal Milk Tea Strawberry Milk x2, Boba Jar
Boba Cheese Foam Sugar Cube, Strawberry Milk, Boba Jar
Sprinkles and Whipped Cream Strawberry Milk, Sugar Cube x2
Strawberries and Whipped Cream Strawberry Milk, Flower, Sugar Cube
Gold Flakes and Whipped Cream Strawberry Milk, Star, Bee
Strawberry Milk Strawberry Milk (all slots)
Rainbow Heart Boba Heart, Boba Jar, Star
Polar Bear Polar Bear Syrup, Bear, Syrup, Sugar Cube
Dragon Cream Dino, Cloud, Milk
Rose Petals Syrup Flower, Sugar Cube, Bee
Sakura Petals Syrup Flower x2, Soda
Rainbow Syrup Heart, Sugar Cube, Star
Glitter Syrup Star x2, Cloud
Flower Syrup Sugar Cube x2, Flower
Sakura Petals Flower x2, Heart
Rose Petals Flower x3
Dragon Fruit Boba Dino, Mushroom, Tapioca Pearls
Polar Bear Boba Bear, Soda, Tapioca Pearls
Brown Cat Boba Soda, Tapioca Pearls, Milk
Black and White Boba Cloud, Tapioca Pearls, Milk
Sunflower Boba Star, Tapioca Pearls, Flower
Deer Boba Mushroom, Flower, Tapioca Pearls
White Cat Boba Soda, Tapioca Pearls, Heart
Unicorn Boba Soda, Tapioca Pearls, Soda
Puppy Boba Bear, Chick, Tapioca Pearls
Diamond Boba Planet, Dino, Tapioca Pearls
Panda Bear Boba Bear, Honeybee, Tapioca Pearls
Cloud Boba Cloud x2, Tapioca Pearls
Dragon Boba Cloud, Dino, Boba Trinkets
Lychee Soda Soda Bottle x3
Heart Boba Heart x2, Tapioca Pearls
Gummy Bears Bear Trinkets x3
Pineapple Boba Pineapples x2, Tapioca Pearls
Moon Boba Tapioca Pearls, Heart
Mushroom Boba Mushroom, Heart, Tapioca Pearls
Pig Boba Pigs x2, Tapioca Pearls
Flower Boba Flowers x2, Tapioca Pearls
Bee Boba Honeybee x2, Tapioca Pearls
Bear Boba Bears x2, Tapioca Pearls
Chick Boba Chicks x2, Tapioca Pearls
Cow Boba Milk Pack, Chick, Tapioca Pearls
Dinosaur Boba Dinosaur x2, Tapioca Pearls
Ice Cream Boba Sugar Cube, Tapioca Pearls, Milk Pack
Galaxy Boba Star, Tapioca Pearls, Planet
Planet Boba Planet x2, Tapioca Pearls
Frog Boba Frog, Tapioca Pearls
Star Boba Stars x2, Tapioca Pearls
Sprinkles Honeybee, Heart, Pineapple
Pineapple Jelly Pineapples x2, Sugar Cube
Mushroom Jelly Mushrooms x2, Sugar Cube
Strawberry Cow Boba Soda, Tapioca Pearls, Honeybee
Pink Dinosaur Boba Heart, Tapioca Pearls, Dinosaur
Honey Honeybee Trinkets x3
Marshmallows Chicks x2, Sugar Cube
Whipped Cream Milk Packs x3
Pineapple 3x Pineapple Trinkets
Oreo Creme Brulee Sugar Cube, Milk Packets x2
Heart Syrup Hearts x2, Sugar Cube
Frog Syrup Frogs x2, Sugar Cube
Galaxy Syrup Star, Sugar Cube, Planet

Any new recipes in future updates will be added to the top of the list, but for now, it is time to get back into Boba Story and make your favorite recipes! For more café fun, why not try Furistas Cat Cafe?

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All Boba Story Recipes