Whoever thought that cute little animals and relaxing cafes should mix, we want to meet them and shake their head because what a brilliant combo that is! It is so brilliant that animal cafes are popping up around the world, but if there is not one around you yet, why not just run your own?

Take note cat lovers: Furistas Cat Cafe is a new simulation game where you are in charge of your own cat cafe! These kitties need a loving home, and it is your job to find them the right kind of person!

Each cat in Furistas Cat Cafe is based on a real life breed, and they each have their own personalities. The first two kitties added into the game are based on the lead artist’s own cats, Bon Chan and Takeshi! This is just one example but there are plenty more kitties to befriend!

As the host of the cafe, you will need to study your guests and their personalities. To ensure that your cats have a good home, you will need to match up cats and humans that have the same personality quirks. If you match right everyone will be happy and you can unlock more felines!

And of course, cafes have to look nice so dust off that broom and get to cleaning! Buy some more furniture and decor to spruce things up and make the cafe represent your own personality!

Furistas Cat Cafe meows its way onto the iOS App Store and Google Play Store today!


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