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All Biomes in Paleo Pines

All Biomes in Paleo Pines
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In Paleo Pines, you’ll encounter three polarizing areas inhabited by dinosaurs that are all vastly different. As you progress through the game, you’ll access each one and its rare specialties. The three biomes have different weather, so who lives there will depend on whether they prefer hot, cold, or mild temperatures.

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At the beginning of the game, you’ll learn all about taming dinosaurs and how to use their powers to help you. Each dinosaur comes with a different skill that they can use and, in some cases, releases an entirely new area.

Valley Biome

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How to unlock Valley Biome in Paleo Pines: Starter Area

You’ll start your game off in the Valley biome. This is where your farm will be and where you’ll find Pebble Plaza, the initial village to get things from. It’s home to mostly herbivores who are pretty easy to tame, though the whole of that is something you’ll have to learn. Taming certain dinosaurs here who can crush rocks will allow you to unlock the next explorable area.

Forest Biome

How to unlock Forest Biome in Paleo Pines: Break the big boulders blocking the main path.

The Forest biome, also known as Dapplewood Forest, is much more remote than the previously quaint Veridian Valley. Here you’ll find some rarer dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus. Plants such as truffles and hazelnuts can be found here. Marlo and Agami’s homes are also in Dapplewood Forest.

Desert Biome

How to unlock Desert Biome in Paleo Pines: Complete the quest “Which Way To Adventure?”

Ariacotta Canyon is the last area in the game you’ll encounter. This is where you’ll find a lot of carnivore dinosaurs like the Allosaurus and Velociraptor. Warm-weather plants like mangos and coconuts can be found in this region. Make sure to always collect these when you see them because even the meat-eating dinosaurs love treats sometimes! This is where you’ll find Archeo Pelago, a town similar to Pebble Plaza but with way more expanded shopping options.

How to Simulate Biomes in Dinosaur Pens

When it comes to making a dinosaur from a different biome happy, you need to put plants from that area into their pen, so for example, if you tamed a carnotaurus, you’d want to put things like saguaros and ball cacti into their pen so that they feel at home.

Take on ranching and exploring by playing Paleo Pines today!

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All Biomes in Paleo Pines