All Archero Talents


In today’s article, we are going to dive into the Archero Talents and help you pick the right ones for you, in the best order. If you are still new at the game, don’t worry – take a look at our game guide where we’ve gathered a list of tips and tricks to help you get stronger in the game.

So, without further ado, here are all the Archero Talents currently available in the game:


What it does: Increases your HP.
Effect: +200 HP when first unlocked, then +100 HP per level.
Max Level: 20


What it does: Increases your DMG.
Effect: +50 ATK when first unlocked, then +25 DMG per level.
Max Level: 20


What it does: Increases the HP you recover from Red Hearts.
Effect: Healing effect of Red Hearts +50 per level.
Max Level: 20


What it does: Damage reduced when standing still.
Effect: +80 DMG Reduction when first unlocked, then +40/+60/+80, etc per level.
Max Level: 20

Iron Bulwark

What it does: Reduces the damage you take from touching mobs (Collision Resilience).
Effect: +50 Collision Resilience when first unlocked, then +25 Collision Resilience per level. 
Max Level: 20


What it does: Increases your Attack Speed.
Effect: +2% ATK SPD when first unlocked, then +1% ATK SPD per level.
Max Level: 10


What it does: Heals you when you level up.
Effect: +100 HP recovered once you level up – it does not affect the HP you get from Red Hearts.
Max Level: 20


What it does: Provides a skill at the start of each game.
Effect: You can choose from one of the skills that you receive when you start a new game.
Max Level: 1

Time Reward

What it does: Provides random rewards every 60 minutes.
Effect: Every hour, you receive some rewards such as Gold and Scrolls.
Max Level: 10

Enhance Equipment

What it does: Boosts your equipment effects.
Effect: The stats you get from your equipment is increased by 3% per level.
Max Level: 10

Hero Powerup

What it does: Increases your Hero’s stats.
Effect: Your Hero’s stats are increased by 4% per level.
Max Level: 10

Rune Powerup

What it does: Increases the random effect of the Runes.
Max Level: 10

These are all the talents currently available in the game. Make sure that you always unlock them whenever possible, because they’re extremely important for helping your Hero get stronger and defeat more enemies.

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All Archero Talents


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