Archero Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Enter a hostile world and try to make it out alive using only the bow and arrows you have on your back! Archero is a fast-paced roguelike where your only means of defense against the hordes of monsters are your archery skills.

Shoot down a variety of monsters and gain new power ups from the coins you earn. Shoot multiple arrows, gain auras, become stronger – you name it! Our Archero cheats and tips will show you how to survive!

Archero is a relatively tough game to crack, so our guide will hopefully prepare you for the challenges to come! Let’s get started with our Archero cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Stick and move!

The number one mechanic that you must absolutely get down is to always stay mobile. We know this sounds obvious, but there will be times where you think a bullet is not going to hit you for some time and you wait to dodge – try not to do this too often!

It is a bad habit and most of the time you will end up taking some damage, so it is a good idea to just keep moving a lot.

Take cover!

In some room layouts you may find walls and obstacles littered about. You can take cover behind these things, but do take note that some enemies can lob their shots over walls!

Pop out for a couple of shots, then roll back into cover for some easy damage. Just watch out for the enemies that try to get closer to you as they will eventually find their way to you.

Get the Circle skills!

“Circle” skills are skills that put two rotating orbs around your archer. You can get a Fire Circle, which makes fire orbs ignite any enemies that get close. There is also an Ice Circle, a Bolt Circle, and so forth.

These auras make it so that you have close-range options in case enemies get a little too close for comfort – which will happen a lot when you start to reach the more cramped layouts!

There is also a fourth aura called the Shield Circle, which makes two shields rotate closely around your archer. They will block shots upon contact, so this is a really useful skill to have. There is a bit of luck involved, but who knows – it might save your life!

Get multishot as soon as possible!

There is also a list of skills that modify your basic shot in some way. You can fire a shotgun blast, fire an arrow behind you, or make your arrows bounce off of walls. They are all great, but the one you should get as soon as you see it is multishot. This skill makes you fire two arrows at once, essentially doubling your damage output!

Get the stat boosts from the angel!

Every other checkpoint you will come across an angel. The angel offers you two power ups, but you can only pick one. One power up is a stat related option, like your attack speed, critical chance, and base damage.

The other power up is simply a heal. While that is important, enemies drop hearts at a fairly decent rate, so as long as you are careful you can get by.

UPDATE: Our reader, Beats, has a different opinion and a new set of tips and tricks for fellow players. Make sure to check out the comment section as well, because we’re talking about a solid set of tips and tricks as well, with an extremely useful tier list for the upgrades to buy in Archero.

That’s all for Archero! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Archero Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. Essentially all of these… tips… are wrong.

    1.) Circle skills are almost NEVER worth it (unless your other options are all abysmally bad). The reason enemies are getting close to you is because you’re skipping arrow upgrades so you can’t kill them in time. Basically you need to use your circle skills because you’re taking them
    2.) Enemies that can ignore cover start to outnumber those that can’t as early as the middle of the first chapter, and it gets even more difficult later on. Cover basically functions more as an obstacle than advantage to you (though there’s obviously exceptions to the rule).
    3.) Moving around a lot is a TERRIBLE idea in this game. I can’t stress this enough. You should stand still as much as possible, especially at the start of room, and only move just enough to dodge enemy fire or kite groups of melee mobs. You cannot fire while moving, so any second you waste moving when you don’t need to is a second you’re not dealing damage.

    The best powerups are almost exclusively the ones that affect your arrows in a forward direction. If I were to arrange them into tiers they would be something like this:
    – Tier S: Ricochet (Arrows chain to nearby enemies – effectively double damage and lets you get to
    enemies behind cover
    Front Arrow (Shoots two parallel arrows, effectively doubling your damage and increasing your
    chance to hit significantly)
    Multishot (The only thing you get right in this article, it doubles your damage output and
    increases your chance to hit)
    The S-tier skills stack fantastically well with each other, because they double the effectiveness of their counterpart – with all three you will for all intents and purposes fire 8 arrows in the time you’d normally fire two. They’re also very good because they stack with…

    – Tier A: Tier A includes mostly abilities that affect your arrows directly. This includes Attack Boost, Attack Speed boost and Critical boost, which improve your attack damage, attack speed and critical chance + damage respectively. They obviously stack well together, and they also apply to damage of each your arrows, which means they are insane if you got some S-tier upgrades too. A special example in this this tier is the Lightning arrow, which is the only status-applying effect in this tier, because it also chains, much like Ricochet, and has a chance to stun enemies temporarily. HP boost also falls into this category, partly because bonus to maximum HP is always a good tool to have, and partly because you can trade your HP for other abilities (only worth using for other A or S ranked abilities) with an NPC that spawns occasionally.

    – Tier B: Tier B includes all the remaining status-applying arrows. Blaze arrow is the best among them, but Freezing arrow, Holy arrow and Poison arrow are all decent too, especially if you managed to stack a lot of arrows but didn’t find many damage upgrades. Diagonal arrow also falls into this category, because it’s not on the same level as previously mentioned arrow-modifiers, but can be really good if you already have some of them and you get multiple diagonal arrows – while only one level in this upgrade will make extra arrows fly out at 45° to your main arrows, if you get any beyond that, they will fill out the space between the two (20° to your main arrows), which effectively creates a cone of arrows in front of you which is especially nice for clearing out melee mobs. Last item in this tier is the Bloodthirst, which grants you HP on every kill you get, which is a very nice general utility upgrade, and especially good when you’re still learning the game.

    – Tier C: This tier includes all the remaining arrow modifiers (Side arrow, Rear arrow, Pierce shot, Bouncy wall and Headshot), as well as all the Circle effects. The reason these arrow modifiers aren’t as good as the rest, is because they are hard to direct at the enemy. Like their names suggest, Side Arrow and Rear arrow fire shots directly to the side or behind you, which means you have to be pretty lucky there’s actually an enemy there at the time. Remember, you can’t aim your shots, so there’s no way to fire in a direction that makes you shoot an arrow behind you if you see an enemy there. Pierce shot (arrows pierce and Bouncy wall (arrows bounce of walls) are likewise very situational, because the enemy needs to just happen to be in the right position for them to bounce in their direction. Very unreliable. Headshot gives your arrows a chance to one-shot enemies, but even with a lot of S-tier modifiers, this chance isn’t high enough to place it in a higher tier. As mentioned previously, all the circle effects are here as well, for the reason that they are only any good if you can’t kill melee enemies before they get close, which you can easily do by stacking every S and A (and even B) tier upgrade you find. Last item on this list is the Immortality upgrade (it’s actual in-game name escapes me, but you’ll know it when you see it), which grants you two seconds of invincibility once in a while. It can get you out of a hard situation, but is pretty unreliable because you don’t know when it’s coming.

    – Tier D: Lastly, this tier includes just two power ups. Rage is the first – it increases your damage on low health, but the increase isn’t high enough to compensate for the damage you miss out on when on high health – especially since later in the game, enemies can kill you very fast, so you want to be healthy as often as possible). Also worth mentioning, that even on low HP, Rage increases your attack by a lower percentage than Attack Power does on any HP. There’s very rarely a situation where this is a good choice, but it’s worth considering when you’re about to fight the final boss of a chapter and the other options are all mediocre for the build you’re making. The second tier D upgrade is Strong Heart, which increases the healing you receive from health drops. This is useless because this game has three ways of healing yourself: The first two (Clearing rooms with enemies that drop healing items and running into an NPC that offers healing) will already heal you more than enough without Strong Heart, and the third way (using the Bloodthirst upgrade) doesn’t stack with Strong Heart for some reason – whether or not you have it, you will heal the same amount on kill.

    I hope this helps someone, because your “guide” definitely won’t, it’s less than useless – it’s actively detrimental for players that choose to follow it. You should really hire some better writers if you want your content to be worth anything.

    If anyone has questions on any of the abilities mentioned, or ones I might have forgotten, type them out below, and I’ll try to give feedback if I can.

    • Great tips thanks.
      Do you think ricochet is worth it when Tornado is used as the weapon? The weapon already hits single target twice, ricochet will hit other enemies but reduce the already double single target.

    • You missed two very important powers. Pierce through and bouncy walls(or arrows whatever it is).
      when you have ricochet, multi arrow, diagonal arrow and bouncy arrow stacked together. and a speed up/blaze/bolt.
      they wrech havoc so much that even device starts laging because of the number of arrows on the screen. And I use blade instead of bow(blade is already faster). pierce through is good if u can’t get a ricochet.

  2. For Chapter 3, I try my best to get the power ups mentioned in above comment also. As soon as I get in a new room, I would try to kill the top monster first since they do not spawn until up get up far enough. Other than that, I follow the tips above. Funny thing is, I was doing what this guide says before I stumbled on it today.
    I am currently working on chapter 4. Also, what has not been mentioned is to always upgrade your permanent skill buffs. I do not upgrade my equipment unless they are blue and above. that way you do not waste gold and scrolls on white equipment. Green would not be too bad since it is harder to get blue and above.

  3. Very sound advice Beats! I wish someone had compiled tips for the bosses between levels. I noticed the first boss chapter 3 has a particular spray pattern that I feel could be taken advantage of if studied enough. Another chptr 3 boss is the double fire spitter thing from chp 2. Sometimes they will not move or spit fireballs making the fight soooo much easier. Not sure what the reasoning behind it is. And the final boss of chp 3 is where I’m stuck.
    Good luck everyone!!!!

    • Stakes,
      Chapter 3 final boss is pretty simple. just dodge the lightning strikes and the rest is cake. I defeated the dragon on my second try. But I also have blue equipment and 2 blue minions that help with damage.

  4. I agree with Beats and anuj.
    Basically, everything Beats said is fine, except Second life is like Tier SSS from the vendor. Also, bouncy wall is at least high Tier B and combined with diagonal arrows it is a real deal. Freezing arrow and Holy arrow are Tier C tops. Ricochet with Blaze is amazing too, maybe I would put it Tier A too.
    You missed skills from higher worlds. Maybe we should collaborate on an ultimate guide?
    I also use blades as weapons because of the speed.
    Epic Void Robe is the best.
    I use Bear Rings, because those come closer and get auto-aimed. I take them out quickly while dodging bullets. After they are gone, it is a piece of cake.
    Coin usage: Keep 10k as base, for vendor; use remaining to upgrade Epic (purple) items, and then for talents.
    Gem usage: hoard 580 and buy 2x Obsidian Chest.
    Watch daily 5 ad after Lucky Wheel.

    Give me more info on Beasts please.

  5. If u get bad rolls and are forced into take these 2….. rear arrow does pair fairly well with bouncy walls when firing with a wall directly behind you specially with stationary boss as the rear arrow bounces and fires directly forward resulting in another forward arrow…… Not a combo I look for, but if u end up with it, it isn’t that bad tbh


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