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All Answers to Star Trek Fleet Command’s March Trivia Event

All Answers to Star Trek Fleet Command’s March Trivia Event
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Star Trek Fleet Command is the ultimate game for Star Trek fans, with the chance for players to “explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate” as they seek adventure in the stars. Developed by Digit Game Studios, this award-winning mobile game can be played solo or with friends. Every once in a while players get to prove their fan status. The Star Trek Fleet Command Trivia Quiz has some tricky questions about the plots, ships, and characters, and if you are struggling with some of the answers we are here to help!

Below we have every answer to the Star Trek Fleet Command’s March trivia event.

Every Answer to March’s Star Trek Fleet Command Trivia Quiz

Star Trek Fleet Command trivia quizzes let players and their friends prove their knowledge in all things Star Trek, with tricky questions about classic episodes of any of the fantastic series, from the original series with Kirk and Spock, to Burnham of Discovery. Here are all the answers for this month’s trivia quiz event:

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Star Trek Fleet Command
  • Q: In his first appearance, who did Lore Plan to betray the crew of the Enterprise to?
    • A: The Crystaline Entity
  • Q: Who created the James Moriarty hologram meant to outwit Data?
    • A: Geordi La Forge
  • Q: Which Star Ship did Khan and his followers hijack in Wrath of Khan?
    • A: Reliant
  • Q: Where is Gul Dukat imprisoned at the end of DS9?
    • A: The Fire Caves
  • Q: Which Imperial Starfleet starship did Captain Gabriel Lorca command when he attempted his coup?
    • A: ISS Buran

Those are all of the answers to this month’s quiz. Let us know how you did, and which questions you need help with!

For more information on Star Trek Fleet Command, visit our guide section. Star Trek Fleet Command is available to play for free on IOS, Android, Mac and PC.

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All Answers to Star Trek Fleet Command’s March Trivia Event


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