If you have ever played any Gatcha games in the past, then you should already have a pretty good idea as to how this goes. But let’s see how exactly you can upgrade your units in Alchemy Stars.

Leveling up your Aurorians

In order to level up your units you are going to need EXP materials. Compared to other popular gacha games, the difference in Alchemy Stars is that there are special materials that can give your units double EXP. Of course, it goes without saying that these materials cost a lot.

Ascending your Aurorians

Ascending your Aurorians isn’t AS hard as you have might expected. There are certain stages that you can farm up in order to gather the materials that you need, in order to ascend your units. The best part is that the drops are guaranteed. It might get a little bit grindy though. But that’s not the only way of acquiring mats. Another (faster) way, is by completing stages in the Spire tower. Of course first you will have to unlock the tower feature.

Acquiring duplicates

You can also get materials is by recruiting the same characters again, aka duplicates. Whenever you get a ‘dupe’, you’ll receive two kinds of materials. One is called Solamber and the other is character ‘Heartstone‘. Any character dupe will give you Solamber, but only 4 star or higher units will give you Heartstone.

With duplicates you can upgrade certain character skills, reduce the required number of needed tiles and cooldowns or change ‘Active Skills‘ into ‘Preemptive Skills‘. A note here, every 3 star character comes with a ‘Preemptive Skill’.

If you have any other questions about how to upgrade your Aurorians in Alchemy Stars, let us know in the comment section down below!

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