Alchemy Stars Halloween Celebration Bundle – Is it Worth It?


On October 30th, an exclusive (paid) limited-time Special Halloween Recruitment will launch, allowing Navigators to recruit one of four designated 6-Star Aurorians from a 10x recuitment. These designated Aurorians are:

  • Carleen
  • Uriel
  • Migard
  • Irridon

How to participate in the event

In order to participate in the Special Halloween Recruitment, players will have to purchase the 10x Special Recruitment Spirit item from the store.The 10x Special Recruitment Spirit item can be used to recruit 10 times at once. After its usage, the Special Halloween Recruitment won’t be available anymore.

Recruitment Rates

Players who will participate in the Special Halloween Recruitment, are guaranteed to receive one of the 6-Star Aurorians mentioned above. The remaining 9 recruitments will have the same probability rates of a normal recruitment. That means players will have a chance of obtaining more 6-Star Aurorians additionally in addition to the guaranteed one.

Is it worth buying the bundle?

To give a definite answer to that question, we would need to know the price of the bundle. But, since we don’t know that information yet, let’s talk about what we definitely know about the bundle so far.

Any player who will purchase it, will have 1 out of 4 chances to get their favorite designated 6-Star Aurorian. Not bad at all, especially when we take into consideration that all four of these units are top tier in the meta.

Everyone who’s playing Alchemy Stars have a pretty good idea about how OP Carleen is, or any of these Aurorians for that matter. If you don’t have them already, this is a very good chance to get at least one of them. Players who already have these units, this is a great chance to get duplicates (dupes) so they can ‘Breakthrough’ them. Breakthrough stages on these Aurorians is a big deal for sure. Also, depending on the RNG (Gacha), there’s a chance to acquire them even more than just once.

All in all, this is a very interesting bundle, especially for the players who spend money on the game. If the price of the bundle will be in the 20$ ballpark, then the answer is yes, it is definitely worth buying it.

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Alchemy Stars Halloween Celebration Bundle – Is it Worth It?


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