Charon is a fire element Illumina Federation detonator. Charon excels at blasting wide areas of the battlefield with his active skill, Call of Night. Once he’s fully powered up, Charon has the ability to flip non-red tiles with his active skill to red tiles. His equipment skill also lets him ignore enemy defense, giving him overwhelming offense. Here is everything you need to know about Alchemy Stars‘ Charon!


Element: Fire / Forest
Rarity: ★★★★★★
Stats (Max level/ascension/breakthrough)

  • Attack: 3331
  • Defense: 1236
  • HP: 10,466

The Chief of Transportation in the Illumina Federation who owns a train called Other End. His everyday antics are so over the top, it’s almost as if he were performing on stage. Thus he is isolated by others and becomes somewhat of a loner.

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Active Skill: Call of Night (3 round CD) – Deals 300% damage to 3 selected columns or 3 selected rows and knocks enemies back. Damage dealt to the middle row or column will be 1.5x damage dealt to the two sides. Resets all non-Red tiles within the area of attack, and has a small chance to generate Red tiles.

Chain Combo: Dance of the Dead – Deals 170/175/180% damage to 1 surrounding cluster/16 tiles in a radial shape/2 surrounding clusters.

Equipment Skill: Direct Line – Normal attacks can now attack diagonally. Adds DEF-ignoring damage equal to 4/6/8/10% of ATK to normal attacks.

Breakthrough Bonuses

  1. HP increased by 300. (250 Heartstones)
  2. DEF increased by 40. (300 Heartstones)
  3. Active Skill Enhancement: Changes Active Skill to Preemptive Strike. Available upon entering combat. (400 Heartstones, 1 Solamber)
  4. Increased by 300+5%Basic max HP. (500 Heartstones, 1 Solamber)
  5. Increased by 40+5%Basic DEF. (600 Heartstones, 1 Solamber)
  6. Active Skill Enhancement: Has an increased chance to generate Red tiles. (800 Heartstones, 1 Solamber)

Ascension Requirements

  • Ascension 1
    • Fire Crystal Shard x 20
    • Fire Flare Powder x 30
    • Battle Archive I x 10
    • Nightium x 30,000
  • Ascension 2
    • Fire Flare Rock x 20
    • Fire Potion I x 30
    • Battle Archive II x 10
    • Nightium x 50,000
  • Ascension 3
    • Fire Potion III x 20
    • Fire Crystal x 30
    • Battle Archive III x 10
    • Nightium x 200,000

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Colossus Skills

Backpacker: When deployed to the Resource Station, increases the Carrier’s production efficiency by 10%.

Firefly Keeper: When deployed to the Lumina Grid, increases the recovery rate of Fireflies +5% per hour.

That’s about everything you need to know about Charon. If you have any other helpful tips or knowledge about Alchemy Stars, let us know in the comments below!

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