Airheads Jump for iOS is described as an arcade jumping action game. The objective of the game is to tilt and tap your device, while using platforms and power ups to jump your way to the top of each level. There are specific tasks that are set at the beginning of each level that if met will help you gain the highest score. This Airheads Jump Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide will help you to jump your way through the game.

1. Follow the coins
As a general rule you can use the coins as a guide as to the best path to go through. Although the aim of the aim is to descend upwards you should keep an eye for the coins and the direction they head towards. This usually will give you the fastest path to jump through and also will help you collect the most coins as you go through.


2. Tap twice to jump higher
In order to reach certain areas you will need to jump twice in order to go higher. The method to do this is to jump first and then while in mid air tap the screen again and this will propel you further.

3. Using the Platforms
The platforms are used as a springboard to help you to jump from one area to the next. While some disappear after you have used them once others will remain, and some will even send you higher up into the air.

4. Level objectives
Before you start each level a screen will appear that details the level objectives and the target in which the game sets you. Therefore you should read this each time and try to adhere to these targets in order to gain the highest score. They vary from level to level, but you should try to meet them as you go through.

5. Time Limit
There is a timer on the left hand side of the screen that indicates when you will be chased from below by the Giant Tiki. Once the Tiki catches up to you the level is over and you will have to restart. Therefore you should keep an eye on this timer and look to complete the level as fast as possible once the chase begins. The best way to do this is to use the environment to your advantage and to look for the purple balloon shaped platforms as they send you upwards more than others.

6. Power ups
Before you start a level you will be given the option to select/purchase a power up. This is useful depending on the objective you need to achieve. For example if you need to collect a certain amount of coins then you can use the Magnet power up to attract coins towards the character.



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