Agent P is avialbe once more in a game, this time an iOS game, Agent P Doofen Dash which is a pretty difficult endless runner. We’re here to share with you some Agent P Doofen Dash cheats – a set of tips and tricks that will hopefully help you run longer and get the most out of the game. That is if you can get past the frustration of not being able to attack back Doofenshmirtz‎ for a long time.

So let’s move on and let’s check out below the Agent P Doofen Dash cheats for the iPhone and iPad game!

1. Fast continue button
Not really a cheat, but extremely useful if you don’t want to hurry the continue bar off the screen: tap the screen and it will go away faster.

2. Ignore buying gadgets
Gadgets are basically the weapons you can use to fight against Doofenshmirtz. However, they are extremely expensive at 10,000 coins each and you need three of them to make sure that you can actually fight back no matter what. Therefore, buying gadgets should not be your priority. Focus on getting as many coins as possible and getting some other upgrades to first level. Also, if you can avoid his weapons long enough, he will disappear. However, the second mission requires you to have a gadget so you might want to save up for it.

3. What upgrades to buy
The power-ups will be so scarce in the game that you shouldn’t upgrade them too much. Get all to first level though, especially Agent E and the Magnet and you will already start with a small advantage

4. Jumping is your friend
Jumping will help you out of a lot of trouble. Many of the obstacles that you can roll under can also be jumped over, so master the art of jumping. Also, when switching lanes from bridges, jumping is the best approach as I often found that Agent P dies if you simply swipe left or right.

5. Keep an eye on the environment
There will be many traps ahead – some easy to spot early on, but some that will appear just when you are close enough to them. Make sure you are always ready to change course (or jump over if the obstacle permits) and you always have a plan on the route to follow.

6. Get free coins
You can earn free coins from watching videos – in order to do so, go to the home menu and click the Free Stuff icon. The easiest way to make money!

7. Keep on playing
When I first started playing, the glider parts of the game seemed impossible, just as it seemed impossible to beat D. without gadgets. But practice makes perfect and you will see that you can actually go very far using very little help.

And these would be our tips and tricks for Agent P Doofen Dash. Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know by commenting below!

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