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Agent Intercept Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Clearing All Challenges

Agent Intercept Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Clearing All Challenges

The evil organization CLAW has risen from obscurity, and now one special agent is on a mission to save the world from their dastardly misdeeds. It also does not help that they ruined the agent’s personal vacation – now things just got a little more personal!

Agent Intercept is a high-octane action racing game where you get behind the wheel of a souped up car that can equip all sorts of gadgets that are perfect for taking down enemy vehicles.

In our Agent Intercept tips and tricks guide, we will go over how to get lots of points using the scoring system, and we will also explain how to beat all the current events. Let’s get started with our Agent Intercept cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to clearing all challenges!

Get a feel for the controls!

In Agent Intercept, you will take control of a hi-tech state-of-the-art interceptor vehicle, equipped with boosting capabilities, missile launchers, laser beams, and more to help you catch the nefarious CLAW organization and bring them to justice.

While the controls are relatively simple at first, the steering may take some time to get used to. Your steering wheel is a simple slide control, but it is very easy to go off the slider and lose control of the car. Try to keep your sliding movement to a minimum so that you do not accidentally lose control of it.

Use the boost to chase and drift!

No matter what, your car will always be equipped with its boost functionality. Simply tap and hold the boost button to start boosting, which increases your speed significantly. When you are boosting, you can slam into CLAW vehicles to disable them and even take them down for big points!

Your boost is not infinite, but it does recharge quickly. As it depletes, you can let go and your boost will automatically begin to regenerate after a few seconds pass. Do not be afraid to use the boost for long amounts of time, as it does not take that long to regenerate.

Most importantly, your boost can be used to drift. If you boost during a turn, your car will drift through the turn, and you can fine tune your angle using the steering wheel. You earn points depending on how long you drift for, and it also holds your combo multiplier so that it does not break.

This technique is incredibly important and it is the key to getting very high scores on the leaderboards. We will go over it more later!

Watch out for the different CLAW vehicles!

No matter what challenge you are tackling, you are most likely going to have a run in with the evil CLAW organization. They utilize various different vehicles to try to impede your progress, but it is no problem as long as you are prepared!

The most common CLAW vehicle you will come across is the one with the gatling gun on the top of the car. These things will fire indiscriminately regardless of whether or not you are close enough to be hit. When they fire, they will fire down the road in a straight line – look carefully and you can see the bullet spray. Be sure to stay out of the line of fire!

Another common CLAW vehicle you will come across is the mine vehicle. These vehicles do not have a direct form of attack, but they will periodically leave mines behind to try to trip you up. Mines deal a ton of damage, so be sure to get out of the way. When a vehicle start flashing with a red exclamation mark, that means it is about to drop a mine behind it.

There is one more vehicle but you will only see this one at fixed points and they are very rare. The missile launcher vehicle will fire missiles down the road, and you have to evade them. These things are often paired together in large groups, so you must dodge a whole wave of missiles!

How to beat the Current Crisis!

Agent Intercept is a constantly evolving game. The main game mode, the “crisis” mode rotates out every day, meaning that there is a new level for you to play. The current crisis is “The Penny Drops…,” where Agent Penny is captured by CLAW, and you must take down an armored truck to rescue her.

When the crisis starts, you will have to deal with a short boat segment and some gatling gun vehicles. Take them down for points, keep drifting around corners, and eventually you will get to a part where missile launchers are raining missiles down a road. Dodge them – they always come in a fixed pattern so eventually you will get it down.

Soon after that, you will eventually catch up the truck. This thing has a lot of health, and you have to damage it by firing missiles at it or ramming it while boosting. The safest way to do this is with the missiles, so keep your distance and fire away. You can try to ram it, but just be careful as if you are clipped by the gatling gun fire, it does a lot of damage!

Once you get the truck to around 75% health, the gatling guns will malfunction and they will start spraying around randomly. The bullet spray is harder to predict during this phase, so be careful when you are getting close.

At around 50% health, the gatling guns completely give out and the truck replaces it with a missile launcher. During this phase big targeting reticles will show up, so make sure to get out of the way before the missile land. Additional mine CLAW vehicles will also show up during this phase, and they will try to trap you into bad positions with their mines, so try to take them out as soon as they show up.

You do not have infinite time, so you have to hit the truck with as many missiles as you can when this phase starts to rescue Agent Penny in time. Just keep dodging the missiles and mines, fire away, and eventually victory will be yours!

How to beat the challenges!

In addition to the main crisis, agents can also try their hand at the daily challenges that also switch out just like the crises do. The main difference is that the two challenges you get for the day are always the same modes, so we will go over them here.

The first mode is “Target Practice”. In this mode, your objective is to score as many points as possible by firing at targets. Your car is equipped with the Thunderbolt gadget, which fires out a long-range laser beam in front of you.

The catch to this mode is that the targets are not readily available. When you see a target on the road, it has a red X on it. Once you get close enough, it will flip over and then you can shoot it. If you shoot a target that has not flipped yet, you will not get any points!

However, if you can shoot a target as soon as it flips over, you will get bonus points. The faster you are, the more points you get, as indicated by the gauge around the target. This mode requires you to be quick – but not too quick – on the draw to get the most points.

The second mode is “Time Trial”. In this mode, you must finish the race under a certain time. Sounds simple enough right? Well these time requirements are very strict, so you gotta be on your toes to make the cut.

First off, there are now random CLAW vehicles all over the road. They do not attack you, but if you happen to bump into one and destroy it, you will lose a second on your time! Hitting too many vehicles can ruin a run, so be careful.

Secondly, there are now blue boost pads all over the road. Hitting these will give you a short boost without actually expending your boost meter. You can get some crazy speed if you use these in conjunction with your own personal boost!

Those are the two challenges you will see in challenge mode. Try them out, do your best, and keep practicing!

Understanding the scoring system!

With enough practice you can get through any of the crises or challenges, but can you make the leaderboards? In order to get a high score, you need to understand the scoring system in Agent Intercept.

Any action that grants you points will start a combo, such as destroying an enemy vehicle, picking up a purple coin, or drifting through a turn. You will rack up points and increase your multiplier with every action, and this is the key to getting lots of points.

You want to start a combo and make sure not to drop it. Do everything possible to keep the action hot – shoot down enemies, drift as long as you can through turns, and grab all the purple coins. Make sure not to take damage as that will immediately end your combo.

When your multiplier gets really high, your racked up points will be multiplied and tallied into your final score. As long as you are staying active, you can get a ton of points by chaining actions together.

That’s all for Agent Intercept! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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