The forces of Xerxes are at Greece’s doorsteps! Unite the powers of men and create an everlasting kingdom. Rally up the troops, and fight back to defend Ancient Greece from invasion! Age of Sparta is a city management strategy game that tasks you with overseeing the development of a kingdom. We’ll help you fight off the armies of Xerxes with our Age of Sparta cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Space out your boosters evenly!

There’s a category of buildings called “boosters”. These buildings are usually a decoration of some sort, like a tree or fountain and so on. When placed near other buildings, these boosters will increase the efficiency of the building. Each booster has its own boost rate. Say for example you put down a fountain next to a quarry – that will increase the quarry’s production rate by 6%. These effects stack, so you can use multiple boosters! So, as you can see, you want to try to layout your town in a way that you can spread boosters to as many of your buildings as possible. A good way to do it is to place boosters in the center of a plot of land, then build around it.

2. Fuse your units for more efficient attacks!

Once you get around level 7 or 8, you unlock the ability to fuse two of the same type of units into a strong units. For example, fusing two slingers gets you Slingers II. Regular Slingers have 2 attack and defense, while Slingers II have 6. As you can see, the stat boosts will add up once you make enough of the Slingers II. When you unlock this ability, be sure to fuse as much as possible. The coin costs to do fusions are negligible compared to the power boost you get in combat.

3. When PvPing, look for lower glory players!

See that number next to your character portrait? That’s your total glory value. This is a basic representation of how strong you are, and how well you’ve done in your battles. When you’re picking another player to attack, you can see their glory value as well. Try to aim for the lower ranked players, as it’ll be easier to take their defenses down. Additionally, when picking your terrain route, it’ll tell you generally how hard the battle is going to be. Be sure to study your opponents before you go through with an attack!

4. Pay attention during battle!

To keep things interesting, the developers of Age of Sparta added minimal interactivity during battles. They are still mostly automatic, but you can lend a hand.

  • Keep in mind the weapon triangle. Lighting beats shield, shield beats sword, sword beats lighting. There’s also premium units, represented by the star icon. These guys are good against everything. When you initiate a fight, you’ll see what types of units you’re going up against, so try to take advantage of that.
  • You can call helping hand allies into battle to assist you. Bear in mind that you need to spend gems to do this, which are the game’s premium currency.
  • There will sometimes be projectiles flung at your units. You’ll see them coming from the top right corner of the screen, and if you swipe your finger over it, you’ll destroy it, saving your troops some damage.
  • Random objects will spawn on either side of the battle. They will be outlined either with a green or red color. Green objects have beneficial effects for you, while red ones are bad and you must tap them to prevent them activating. For example, some green objects on your side will heal your troops a small amount, while there are bombs on the enemy side. Wait until they’re near the bomb, then tap it to explode it, causing massive damage!

5. Follow the quests!

Above all, just be sure that you’re following the quests. These quests will lead you down the general progression path, ensuring that your buildings and army stay up-to-date. They also reward you with a fair amount of gold and experience, sometimes even gems!

With all that, you should be able to take on Xerxes’ forces! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!


  1. after battle are your soldiers permanently hurt, do they heal themselves is there something I can do somewhere I can go to find out what the deal is with that

  2. I notice that some people sabotage my defensive structures without actually going into battle against me. How do they do that? I don’t see how I can do that in the game.


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