Age of Heroes: Conquest is a high fantasy turn-based RPG, coming from the team that brought you Dawn of the Dragon and Curio Quest. Fight fearsome enemies as they attempt to take over the land! Use the elements to your advantage, and exploit your enemies’ weaknesses! We’re here to help you on your quest with ourĀ Age of Heroes: Conquest cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Age of Heroes: Conquest is like a lot of other turn-based RPGs on the app store, so anything you know about this genre probably applies to this game as well. Nonetheless we have tips and tricks to share, so here’s our Age of Heroes: Conquest strategy guide.


1. Keep Vulgore in your party!

One of your starting units is Vulgore, a fire warrior. He deals decent damage but his greatest asset is his high defense and health. His normal skilll is Defend, which allows him to shield one of your allies and take damage in their place. This skill coupled with his defense and health make him the perfect “tank” character, and you should always try to include him in your party, especially early on. Your backline heroes like Arlok and Shaide will fall easily if they’re not protected. Enemies in this game love to target one hero and attack them relentlessly, so Vulgore’s ability is really important!

2. Focus fire!

It’s much more efficient to focus on taking down one enemy than it is to spread your damage around. Even if your current hero’s element is good against one of the other enemies, sometimes it’s better to just pile on the damage on one enemy. Getting rid of enemies as fast as possible is the name of the game here. Like we mentioned above, enemies are ruthless and will single out one of your heroes, unfortunately usually the one with the lowest defense and health. You can ease up the onslaught by thinning enemy numbers as fast as you can.

3. Bring the right party!

We know this is a bit of common sense, but it’s so important that it bears repeating. It is incredibly important that you bring a party that is strong against the elements of the enemies you will be going up against. Because of the aforementioned focus firing the enemies like to do, if your heroes are weak to their element you will lose them VERY fast. A lot of the mage-type enemies have spells that hit the entire party, and you will face a total party wipe if you are ill-prepared.

4. Save rubies for hero summons!

The main thing you should be saving your rubies for are deluxe summons, which cost 200 rubies for one pull. The thing about this is that you may not even get a hero when you pull – sometimes you’ll just get hero shards. The x10 option doesn’t offer a “buy ten get one free option” so you don’t have to save up for that one. Early on we struggled with certain levels simply because we didn’t have the right elements for our heroes, so it’s important to build up your army. Rubies can be acquired by:

  • Completing quests, daily tasks, and achievements.
  • Earning enough stars on the story levels to open the Star Chest.
  • Ranking in the PvP Gauntlet. The better your rank, the more rubies you’ll earn.

5. Join a guild asap!

You have access to a lot of goodies if you’re in a guild. You can access the Training Grounds which lets you buy materials needed for hero training. You can also access the Trading Post where you can buy random hero shards for gold. There’s also the treasury, where you can collect some gold every now and then. In short, there are too many advantages to pass up on, so find a guild (or make one yourself)!

That’s all for Age of Heroes: Conquest. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



  1. Great guide. Only thing I can think of you left out, is that in Age of Heroes, MAKE SURE you play and do as much as possible in all the events they have. They hand out HUGE rewards, for putting in the time and effort in this game.


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