We have already checked out some Age of Fury tips and tricks, but now it’s time to go to something extremely delicate: base design. As you certainly know by now, having a great base in this game is the key to victory and a great defense, so we’ve decided to share with you some Age of Fury base designs to serve as inspiration for you base building strategies.

There are multiple ways to approach base building in Age of Fury and there are more base design ideas that will work for you. Of course, the key is to adapt to the number of walls / buildings you have, but there are always a few common approaches:


1. Make sure that the enemy troops have to cover a lot of distance to get from a tower to another.
2. Make sure that your Castle is in a central area and enemies have to break at least two sets of walls to get to it (ideally three).
3. Make sure that you have multiple “chambers” with towers and buildings.

These being said, let’s check out below some Age of Fury base designs for inspiration!

1. The “chaotic” base design

This base design might seem to be pretty chaotic, but it’s the base of the current top player, so it certainly does a great job! It follows all the rules stated above and I am sure that if you saw it, you wouldn’t attack it: all those high level walls creating so many chambers make it impossible for your troops to break through and get a 100%.

2. The “Mathematical” Base

This base is very symmetrical and many players prefer it from this exact reason. If you look closely, you will notice that there are a ton of chambers for the towers and therefore a lot of walls to break, and any direction the attack would come from, there would still be two sets of walls to be broken before the troops reached the Castle. Although more symmetric, it has many common points with the previous base design.

2. The “Big Middle” Base

I have seen this base used by many players even though I am not a huge fan of it. However, it certainly does a great job as this one belongs to a top player. The nice thing about it is that no matter where the attack comes from, there are three sets of walls that have to be broken before you reach the Castle. Difficult to break in, almost impossible to get three stars.

4. The “Wide format” base

Another very popular approach to base building in Age of Fury and one design that doesn’t look that great, but in very, very difficult to beat. Although it seems to be a waste of walls, the difficulty of this base comes from the distance that the troops have to cover to break all the defensive towers and buildings. Easy to build, difficult to beat!

And these would be our Age of Fury base designs for inspiration. No matter which of these designs you choose as the one for your next base, they will surely protect you well!




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