AFK Arena Best Team Formations

AFK Arena Best Team Formations

There are a lot of heroes in the AFK Arena with different abilities and therefore it is quite difficult to create an ideal team, especially in the latter stages of the game. But still, this guide will try to tell you how to make the Best Team Formations.

Best Team Formations in AFK Arena

Let’s start with the formation principle. In the early stages of the game, you need to focus on one hero. He will do the most damage and lead the entire team to victory. The rest are no less important, but their role is support, defense, and boosting. Pay all your attention to the main Character and this scheme will work right down to the mid-game.

These heroes are well suited for this role:

  • Athalia
  • Saveas
  • Saurus
  • Shemira
  • Daimon
  • Brutus

But do not forget about the rest of the team members, they also need to be upgraded, but it is okay if they are 30 levels weaker than your main character.

But in the latter stages of the game, this strategy will not work since the damage points of opponents will be much higher than yours. Therefore, a balanced team is needed, where factors such as synergy, roles, and factions interact.

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We recommend choosing 2-3 heroes that complement each other. And select the rest of the team members to balance the shortcomings of the main group. But be prepared that it takes a lot of time and resources.

Here’s an example of one of the strongest teams in the late game.

On the Top Frontline is Talene, Rowan takes Bottom Frontline. And on Top, Middle, and Bottom of the Backline, there are Elijah & Lailah, Mehira, and Ezizh.

Ezizh uses skills non-stop thanks to fast reloading from Rowan and Elijah & Lailah. Besides the damage, the team has high regeneration rates thanks to Elijah & Lailah, and Rowan.

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AFK Arena Best Team Formations


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