Adventure Time Run Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


The Land of Ooo comes to your mobile device in Adventure Time Run! In this endless runner based on the hit Cartoon Network series, a magic crystal is on the loose and it’s up to your favorite heroes Finn and Jake to save the day! Our Adventure Time Run cheats and tips will ensure that your expedition through the Land of Ooo is safe and fun one!

It’s an endless runner with an adventurous twist – let’s get started with our Adventure Time Run cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide because you know what time it is!

Upgrade HP first!

Each Adventure Time hero has four upgradable factors: their unique ability, attack, defense, and HP. Each hero has their own ability that helps them in some way, so it’s up to you when to upgrade that. Attack increases the amount of damage they do during the monster battling portals, defense reduces the amount of HP you lose from colliding with obstacles, and HP increases your max health and thus running time.

It is for that very last aspect that we recommend upgrading your HP first to maximum before you upgrade anything else. The hero abilities vary in terms of usefulness from sort of helpful (Finn can stay inside portals for longer) to extremely situational (Jake can roll faster than other heroes) so they’re not really high priority. With high HP, you can run for a very long time which seems to be the most important thing.

Avoid the boulder dodging portal!

One of the icy looking portals will lead you into a dodging minigame. Ice boulders of different sizes will come rolling towards you and you’ll need to dodge quickly! The only problem with this is that some of the boulder are so large they’ll obstruct your vision, and the game has a nasty habit of hiding smaller boulders behind them.

Dodging one will most likely lead you right in front of another one you never saw coming, so this portal can feel pretty cheap at times. Because there’s a good chance you’re going to get nicked by a couple of boulders, we recommend avoiding this one altogether as the Ice King and Monster Battle portals are much more easier to deal with.

Complete Jake’s quests!

In addition to the regular quests that award you with coins and diamonds, you should always try to complete Jake’s quest as soon as you can. You can tap on him at the top left corner of the screen to see what you need to do. You’ll also notice that Jake’s quests have much bigger rewards than the regular quests! But that’s aside the point though – these quests are designed to make sure that you stay on track. They’ll make sure your running team is setup properly and that your treasures stay upgraded.

Keep your Treasures up to date!

Treasures are various trinkets you can equip that provide your runner team with passive bonuses, like health boosts, better food, more coins, more points, and so forth. You’ll unlock up to three slots for treasures as your team levels up. All of the treasures are great so you’ll want to equip what you’re trying to aim for.

Trying to rack up a ton of points? Equip lots of score boosting treasures. Trying to run as far as you can? Go for the health and food related treasures. Trying to farm some coins? Grab those coin boosting treasures! The bottom line is that there’s a treasure for almost anything, so equip as you see fit.

One more thing – every single treasure can be evolved. Evolving a treasure will keep its current level while improving its existing bonuses, so you should try to evolve them whenever possible. You’ll need various materials in order to do so, some of which can only be obtained from treasure chest drawing.

That’s all for Adventure Time Run! If you’ve got any other running tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Adventure Time Run Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. So I am trying to complete one of Jake’s first quests and it is that when running with two or more characters to collect four power rings and tag out. I have collected these rings many times I lost count and still have not tagged out. Am I missing something here. Is there another icon or something I have to tap to tag out? Is there a bug here? Am playing on the most latest version of the game and the ios system on device so don’t need an upgrade, it is not my device.


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