If you’re a fan of the Adventure Time TV Show and would like to play alongside Finn and Jake, you will be happy to know that a new adventure game starring the duo is now available for purchase on the App Store in all regions.

The new game is called Adventure Time Appisode and it’s based on the Furniture and Meat episode of the show. The game plays pretty much like the episode, with Finn and Jake getting into trouble after spending all their money. Players will have to help them by interacting with the environment through tapping, tilting, shaking and swiping.

Adventure Time Appisode is a rather simple, family-friendly game that all fans of Adventure Time will surely enjoy. The game doesn’t really provide a revolutionary experience but it looks great and is fun enough and that is all that matters, in the end. It’s also somewhat on the short side, with only a few mini games available after completing it, so consider all this before making your purchase.

Adventure Time Appisode is now available for purchase on the App Store. The game is available as a premium title with no IAPs so don’t worry about content being locked behind paywalls.



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