I love theĀ Adventure Land game for iOS! The side scrolling endless runner genre combined with the randomness of card matching… that is something I consider absolutely brilliant, with every game bringing a new experience. But we are here to talk about some Adventure Land cheats and tips for the iPhone and iPad game, and not praise it for all the right reasons. Because, in the end, getting a good run is pretty difficult and with all those cards, you’ll still find it tough to break your high score.

But if you want to get better, check out our Adventure Land cheats: tips & tricks for a nearly endless run and maybe you’ll even become the best!


1. Coins are your main priority
Even though it’s an endless runner game and your top goal is to make it as far as possible, you will actually have to focus on getting as many coins as possible per each run because those are used to change unwanted cards or add new trait cards to your hero. Chests are especially good since they hold 40 coins, but you must shoot them down first.

2. Level up
The higher your level, the more and more amazing cards you get. The first couple of levels don’t give you much in terms of variety and boosts, but starting level 4 and 5, there are some nice cards that you can win and turn your hero into a running machine.

3. Save your favorite hero
It does cost one gem, but if you manage to get a great combination of cards, you should save that as your favorite hero and keep running with him or her until you collect all the coins in the game (just for the record, there’s no such thing). But having a favorite hero saved is clearly a good idea.

4. Terrible cards? Kill yourself!
Yeah, I am not making fun, but when you get a combo like Delicate / Pauper and Diabetic you really don’t have many reasons to continue the game or waste coins to draw new cards. Start the game, let the guy die and start over, hoping for a better draw.

5. Keep an eye on the ground
The biggest obstacles in my case are the “hidden” stuff on the ground, like the traps or carnivorous plants and so on. So keep an eye on the ground and make sure you always jump over those.

6. Use the unique advantages of the cards
Each card, if not a bad one, will give you a specific advantage. From the powerful swords that kill enemies in one blow to fire or leafy constitution and even parachute or chicken wings… there’s something to use in your game and help you run more than ever. So always, before starting a game, check out the cards that you have drawn, make sure that you know what advantages they bring and use them to the maximum.

7. Sometimes jumping is better than shooting
Especially later on when the speed becomes pretty crazy, you might find it easier to jump over enemies instead of trying to shoot them, especially when they come in packs. So plan ahead, try to stay on the highest platforms and combine jumping with shooting – choosing the best option for your situation accordingly.

8. Adding extra cards vs. Changing existing ones
My general rule of thumb is to add one extra card if I already have a very solid hand. If I don’t like that new card, I can change it and go in the game with a super hero. If the draw is not that good but not complete crap either, I generally add an extra card instead of changing an existing one because I save 50 coins. As I said, if I am terribly unlucky and get a very bad combination, I just kill the character as fast as possible and move on. The idea is to be smart with your coins and only use them for extra cards or changing existing ones when you will get a real advantage out of it.

And these would be for now our Adventure Land cheats and tips for the iPhone and iPad game. Do you have any other tips and tricks to share with fellow players?



  1. Use a one-hit kill weapon and sure-footed are a great combination if you stick to the floor just repeatedly throw your weapon while only jumping over spike balls and flaming works really well on the main enemy you’ll ever hit unless you mess up for bonus I just recommend super lucky and magnet for a 5 ability setup I’ve only been play for a day now so I have sure-footed, lumberjack, and unbreakable


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