Spirits Of Spring, the nice adventure game developed by Minority Media, is now available for a reduced price on the App Store.

This price drop may seem a temporary one, considering the game has only been released recently but it’s been confirmed that this is going to be the full price for the game from now on. This is bad for those who have spent more to get the game but it’s also good for those who have yet to get the game and are interested by it.


Spirits of Spring stars a young boy called Chiwatin and his two friends called Rabbit an Bear. Chiwarin is no normal boy, though: thanks to his special powers, he keeps balance between Winter and Spring, also thanks to the spirits. One day these spirits get kidnapped by giant crows, destroying the delicate balance and bringing an endless winter to the land. For this reason, Chiwatin sets out on a journey to save the spirits and bring back balance to the land.

Spirits of Spring features a big 3D world to explore and puzzles to solve. The game also promises to be a remarkable journey thanks to its narrative that will explore a variety of themes.

Spirits of Spring is now available on the App Store for only $1.99. This is going to be the game’s standard price from now on.




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