Space Age, a really interesting retro-styled adventure game developed by Big Bucket Software, has finally received a release date. The team has confirmed today that players will be able to enjoy their game next week, on November 13th.

Space Age is an incredibly interesting game combining an old-school presentation with themes that have been taken from older sci-fi movies. Players will take on the role of a man who has landed, together with his research team, on a planet called Kepler-16. The planet is actually not uninhabited as originally thought, with players slowly getting to know more about not only the creatures living on the planet but also the history of the planet itself during the game.


Gameplay wise, Space Age’s experience is incredibly varied, with puzzles to solve, stealth sections to complete and more. There are also some gameplay elements lifted from strategy games that make the overall experience of Space Age even more unique and interesting.

Space Age will be released later next week on the App Store, with the game being compatible with both iPhone and iPad devices.. The game seems to be one of the more interesting releases of the year so make sure to check the game out once it’s available.




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