If you’re a fan of old school point and click adventure games, you’ll be happy to know that another excellent game of the genre is going to be released next month on the App Store.

This game isn’t exactly new, as it was released on Nintendo DS a while back, but the iOS port will include some brand new features that will definitely enhance the overall experience.

Secret Files: Tunguska is inspired by the unsolved catastrophe of Tunguska. The main character of the game is a mechanic called Nina who is investigating her father’s mysyerious disappearance. With her friend Max, she will be traveling allover the world, getting wrapped in a global conspiracy involving a shady secret society.

Secret Files: Tunguska’s story and characters are really excellent and so are the presentation and overall level of challenge so iOS gamers will definitely be in for something good. The new version of the game will include a new interface, required to remove the dual screen one used in the original Nintendo DS release, enhanced graphics and more. The game also comes with full voice acting in several different languages, a feature that will help gamers immerse themselves in the game’s story.

Secret Files: Tunguska will launch on the App Store sometime during June.



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