Oraia Rift

Back in May we have reported that a new adventure game heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda series was going to be released this year on the App Store. Oraia Rift has been in development since last year so it’s definitely time for the game to be released.

Today we can confirm that Oraia Rift is now available for purchase on the App Store. All those who are interested in purchasing the game will also be happy to know that the game is available with a 40% off its full price right now so there’s really no better time to purchase this interesting adventure game.

As mentioned above, Oraia Rift has been heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda series, with players having to explore ten different environments, solve puzzles with the help of items, fight monsters and enhance their character’s abilities. The game requires around 10 hours to complete so there’s plenty to do in Oraia Rift before being able to say that the game is done.

Oraia Rift is now available on the App Store in all regions. For the first week of availability, the game can be purchase with a 40% off its full price.



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