One Button Travel

The Coding Monkey is a team that needs no introduction as it has developed some rather nice games such as the board game adaptation Carcassonne. The team is now back with another unusual title featuring a very interesting presentation and gameplay experience.

The new game is called One Button Travel and it’s a rather simple adventure game where players have to make decisions during key points of the game, decisions that will slightly alter the story.

While the game is very simple and it’s basically an interactive novel, One Button Travel still manages to be a really engaging experience thanks to its story, which sees the player explore the future and its mysteries. The stylish presentation creates a very interesting atmosphere, making One Button Travel even more engaging if the player is into adventure games with plenty to read.

One Button Travel is now available for purchase on the App Store for the price of $2.99. You can learn more about the new game from The Coding Monkey and its unique features by checking out a recent trailer right below.



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