Ghosts of Memories

Puzzle games fans who have been playing iOS games for the past year surely known about Monument Valley, an excellent game sporting a unique graphical style and engaging gameplay experience. If you are a fan of the game developed by Ustwo, you will be happy to know that a similar game is going to be released soon on the App Store.

In Ghosts of Memories players will control a wanderer who has the power to manipulate the surroundings with a magical scepter. The character embarks on a journey to free a voice bound to the scepter, a voice that beongs to another world. This premise has allowed developers to introduce some nice gameplay mechanics that make Ghosts of Memories feel different from Monument Valley, as players will be able to travel between different worlds to solve puzzles.

If you like unique puzzle games with beautiful graphics and engaging gameplay, Ghosts of Memories may be the game for you. The adventure title developed by Paplus International will be released on the App Store on October 16th so the wait for Ghosts of Memories is not going to be all that long.



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