A new adventure game is now available on the App Store, a game that will make you think twice about getting inside an elevator.

Escape the Hellevator, developed by Fezziwig, is a rather unique adventure game where your character gets trapped inside a mysterious elevator. In order to escape from this Hellevator, players will have to complete some simple puzzles located inside different scenes that are apparently taken from the main character’s past.

The Escape the Hellevator premise is incredibly interesting and leads to a lot of interesting gameplay situations and varied puzzles. The game has been clearly inspired by The Room, offering a room escape gameplay experience. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the team took full advantage of the game’s premise, as there’s not a time limit, something that was expected, considering that the Hellevator is constantly falling. This could be a good new gameplay feature to add, if the game gets a well deserved sequel or even an update.

Escape the Hellevator is now available for purchase on the App Store for the price of $1.99. The game does have a unique atmosphere so make sure to check out the game if you’re into unique adventure games.



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