Plenty of point and click adventure games have been released in recent times on iOS devices, with each one offering a puzzle filled gameplay experience and a final goal that players must reach to complete the game.

This will not be the case for a new adventure game that’s been announced for iPad. Barmark, developed by Stormhatt Studios, is a point and click advenuture that doesn’t feature a goal and not even a game-over of sorts. Players will have total freedom in the game to explore artistic landscapes and influence them in some ways.

The environments shown up until now do look really interesting, giving the game a really magical atmosphere. There’s also pretty varied, something that will definitely make the game better, considering they will be the main focus of it. Unfortunately we still don’t know how they can be altered and which consequences these alterations will have on the experience.

Barmark has the potential of being one of the more interesting iOS games of the year. The game’s success or failure will depend on how the team will develop the interaction with the locations and how varied the final experience will be.

Barmark will be released on a yet to be confirmed date on the App Store. The game will only be playable on iPad.



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