The sequel to one of the cutest mobile platformers is coming next month! Say hello to Yeah Bunny 2, the new exciting adventure starring everyone’s favorite white puff ball. With a interface designed for mobile devices, Yeah Bunny 2 will bring delight to gamers of all ages.

This tiny bunny just wants to relax, but when his friends need help, he ends up on a wild adventure to rescue baby chicks that have been kidnapped! Bunny must run, jump, and climb his way through a multitude of differently themed worlds.

Taking a lot of inspiration from games like Super Cat TalesYeah Bunny 2 seeks to simplify touch screen controls to ensure that nothing gets in the way of this adorable adventure. Bunny will run forward on his own, and you can tap at any time to make him jump. Bunny is a pretty nimble fellow, being able to double jump and wall jump!

Yeah Bunny 2 is a faithful throwback to the pixel platformers of days past, with its emphasis on simple yet challenging game play covered in a wonderful aesthetic.

Yeah Bunny 2 will be able for free on March 13, 2019 on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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