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Adorable Home Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Love Fast

Adorable Home Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Love Fast

Adorable Home is the perfect game for all cat lovers out there. Also, this title is a perfect fit for those who enjoy Japanese-themed games and/or simulation titles. You know the drill – preparing bento boxes for your partner, feeding the cats, caring for them… This game is for you!

Today we have a guide here at Touch Tap Play, one that will share with you all the Adorable Home tips and cheats that you need to know to just play a better game. And have more fun.

We’ll cover all the basics in today’s article, including how to get more Love fast, as well as how to do other important things in game!

So let’s not waste another second and dive right into the Adorable Home tips and tricks right here below to learn everything you need to know about the game and how to play it better.

Discover all the cats in Adorable Home!

I will start by listing this, because it is one of the most adorable things you can do in the game, which will also give you Love and help you unlock more furniture and foods later on.

There are a total of 12 cats you can have, at the moment of writing this article, and each one looks different and prefers a different spot in the house.

Each cat costs 600 Love, but for each cat you buy you can get more than a full refund once you complete two tasks with it and watch ads to double the rewards.

So one of the best things you could do is spend some of the Love you have on at least purchasing one extra cat because it will help give you more Love in the long run.

If you’re a cat person, this game will definitely be to your liking! If you are not sure where you find the cats, let me help!

Simply go to Home -> Shop -> Cats and that’s where you can purchase them with your Love!

Play the “mini games” with the cat as often as you can

The cats will each have some “mini games” or “interactions” which you can play with them. For completing them you will be able to claim Love, but you will have to do it right, otherwise you will fail!

These activities are available every couple of hours, meaning that you will be able to claim Love from cats quite often. Especially if you can log in regularly to do so. The more often you log in, the better!

There are three mini games which you can play, so let me go through all of them:

– Cat Petting: In this mini activity you have to pet the cat in the right spot until she gathers 5 hearts – it is fun and it’s so easy that you can’t go wrong with it!

Clipping the nails: This mini game will ask you to clip the cat’s claws – all of them! But the catch is that you cannot touch the cat’s paws, otherwise it will anger it! So be careful, because it can be quite difficult – this is one of the more difficult minigames you can play.

– Cat shower: I am not aware of many cats that do genuinely enjoy a shower, but luckily the in game cats can’t scratch – so what you need to do is tilt your device left or right to fix the water temperature, then shower it!

I suggest that you always play the games whenever they are available because if successful, you will earn 160 points per game!

Watch ads to double the rewards

If you choose to watch an advertisement you will be able to double the Love rewards from the cat mini-games. I really suggest that you do this because it will come in handy if you want to purchase more furniture or add another cat to your collection!

I also think that it is especially worth it if you watch an ad to double the rewards, because basically once you get a cat you will be able to play all games with it and claim double rewards, which not only pays off for the cat (600 Love) but you also get extra Love which you can use as you wish!

Feed your kittens

Feeding the cats will also reward you with Love, but the catch here is that it all depends on the quality of the food!

So if you are feeding your cats some good quality food, they will give you more Love in return – and even if you don’t feed them your best food, they will still love you back, but slightly less.

My suggestion would be that you don’t cheap out on the food and try to feed them the good quality stuff because it will reward you with better goodiesin the long run. So try doing that because it is worth it.

Feed your significant other

As I initially mentioned, in this game you can even prepare a beautiful and delicious bento box for your partner. That will reward you with Love as well, once he returns from work back home.

The time for you to prepare the bento box is when the male character is at home (so that you can also give it to him). To prepare a bento box, tap on the box in the bottom right corner of the screen and then select the foods that you want to add!

You can select 3 dishes – a main course (in the big space), a side dish (in the upper right space) and a dessert (in the remaining slot).

To add these items you need to first purchase them from the Shop -> Foods. The foods cost Love as well, and guess what? You can also choose to buy a different color of bento box for your partner!

Start decorating your dream house!

Decorating, just like every other feature in the game, will cost Love. You can purchase various decorations from the Shop to hang around your house and make it more beautiful and also make it feel more like home.

The decorations can be found in the Home -> Shop -> then select the location for where you want the furniture to be (Lounge, Garden). Then you can select the furniture you want and tap to buy it!

Placing the furniture: You can place the furniture by heading on to the Home -> Mine -> Select available furniture and then “Place”.

While the furniture itself doesn’t really give you any in-game advantages, it helps to customize the areas in the game and make them really your own.

Watch the Lucky Channel!

Sometimes at the TV will appear an offer which lets you receive 100 free Love! That is if you watch the Lucky Channel!

Then the game will play an advertisement which will let you receive the Love when you finished watching.

This is something super useful and free – so I really suggest that you accept it because you will have great use of the free Love that you receive to buy Cats and Decorations or even Food!

Get free Love from the News every day!

You will be able to receive 500 free Love every day for free by simply watching a few advertisements. You can find this option called the “News” when you tap on the “+” next to the Love icon in the top right corner of the screen.

There you can claim 10 times the News, which is definitely useful! So make sure that you do it! You can use this Love because it will add up and let you purchase everything in game!

Unlock the Garden!

The Garden will cost 3,000 Love to unlock, but that is a really cool feature which will let you get a ton of new visitors – all kinds of adorable critters! It’s really worth it!

So if you want to have even more ways to obtain Love, then try to save the 3k Love needed to unlock it and do so sooner rather than later.

Once you have unlocked the Garden, you can purchase various items from the Home -> Store -> Garden and once you got some, you can place them in the Garden to attract new visitors!

Each item will attract a specific type of visitor. For instance, if you purchase the birdhouse or nest, you will attract bird visitors!

This is by far one of my favorite features, so give it a try because I am sure that it will be quite fun for you as well!

Claim free Love for simply logging in to the game

There is another option which will let you collect some Love by simply logging in to the game! This option is called the Weather Forecast and it will reward you with some (not too much) Love every day!

To open the Weather Forecast head on to the Home button -> tap on the weather option int the top side of the new window which popped up. There you can claim every day free Love, so don’t forget to get it whenever you log in to the game!

I would suggest that every day you try to claim these, and do all the cat tasks (with watching ads to double the rewards) because soon you will save up enough Love to purchase pretty much everything, and then you will have a fully packed Garden and House!

These would be all of the Adorable Home tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies, or would like to learn something new about the game? Leave your comments down below!

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