Dragon Coins is all the rage nowadays and we love playing it – we love it so much that we already wrote an in-depth Dragon Coins guide to help you get started easily. However, this game gets a lot better if you have active players as friends joining you in battle, and we’ve created this article exactly for that: to add more Dragon Coins friends that are active and playing the game, not the random ones that you keep getting when you go into battle.

In order to get more Dragon Coins friends for your game, it’s all very simple: either add some friends based on their game ID or simply post your own game ID and let others add you as their friends (but make sure to greet and work as a team player).

How to find your Dragon Coins game ID

IMPORTANT: Do NOT enter the hyphens (minus sign) when entering the game ID. It’s all numbers and the hypens are only used to make it easier to follow. So if your Game ID appears in the game as 1111-1111-1111, you will add 111111111111. Pretty easy!

Now, in order to find your Dragon Coins game ID, tap the Misc icon in the main menu, then select “Friends” (it’s the first option). From there, tap on the “Search” button and you will see your game ID.

Also, if you want to add somebody’s game ID, you will have the option to do so in the same place.

If you become the first friend of a player, you get a FIRST FRIEND bonus, which rewards you with Friend Coins that can be spent on summon boxes. So adding more friends is essential in the game!


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