Add More Britney Spears: American Dream Friends & Promote Your Record Label Here


Britney Spears: American Dream has just been launched on the App Store and everybody is having a blast with the game. We have already shared with you the top tips & tricks to get the most out of it, but one thing is pretty clear: without friends and also without a solid Record Label, your chances of becoming a superstar faster than the rest are pretty low. Therefore, I am here to try and help you change that by giving you the chance to add more friends in Britney Spears: American Dream and promote your Record Label here.

Both are extremely important as they can help you easily get a ton more sales for your single and therefore bag the huge rewards at the end of the Local and Global bracket. There are multiple ways to get friends, but one is particularly useful and the point of this article:

Share your Star ID!

If you want more friends, simply share your Star ID in the comment section below and others will add you. Make sure that you add them back and you also add other people by their Star ID!

In order to find your Star ID, tap the Settings button (gear icon in the upper left side of the screen) and write it in the comment section below, letting people know that you’re looking for friends. Some details about your character wouldn’t hurt either!

There are other ways to try and get more friends, like requesting more in the in-game chat or adding random people from the singles charts, as well as connecting your game to Facebook and adding friends who play the game. But I think that the method of sharing your Star ID works best!

You can also promote your Record Label here, since this is the place where you will find active Britney Spears: American Dream players. Simply write that it’s a record label you’re promoting, write any expectations and special requirements (if any, e.g. if it’s a genre-specific label) and people will join your record label.

Being part of an active label is extremely important in the game because the more active members there are, the higher the sales of your singles when you like them in the Singles feed.

Hopefully this will help you get better results in the game and have more fun!

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Add More Britney Spears: American Dream Friends & Promote Your Record Label Here


  1. Add me please: J7D5PNWP
    Label: Pimps n hoes (no requirements – my fiancé thought of the name not me lol)

    Always return requests and like singles X

  2. Add mine!
    Star ID DW272GLW
    Also add my new record label HardHeadedSole
    Meant for creativity. Fun album covers and an active community. Spread the word :P

  3. Hi everyone! Pls add me, my star ID is GR9PN6NY. My labe is BYS’elf “Just be yourself” ,). I wish you more and more fun with this game ;) Kisses :*

  4. Join my record label just starting out together we will break the rules of society & celebrate our differences. All are accepted with open arms ~Melanie Martinez
    Code: W8MJPJV7

  5. Hi my name is Shakira Minaj, currently I am a “A” celebrity with 113.4m fans. My star ID is J7DWJYGZ and my label’s name is The Empire Lions and Lioness


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