Wayward Souls

The action role-playing game Wayward Souls has been updated several times on iOS and Android, but it’s been some time since a new update has been released. The development released some more games in the meantime, but it seems like there’s the chance that even more content may be coming to the game in the future.

The latest Wayward Souls update introduces support for modern devices, allowing the game to display properly on their screens.

Sadly, the update doesn’t include any of the content that has been released for the PC version, but if this update is downloaded by a good enough number of users, the team may consider porting the new content.

Wayward Souls is among the most interesting action role-playing games released on mobile. While the game comes with roguelike features, Wayward Souls is much more involving and challenging, with players having to learn the attack patterns of enemies to survive.

The game is, in many ways, inspired by the Souls series developed by From Software, so fans of these games will find themselves right at home here.

Wayward Souls is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store in all regions.


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