There are times when all that’s really needed to make it through a harsh day is playing a fast paced action game, unleashing the power of your stress onto the poor enemies you’ll end up encountering in a game.

Second Chance Heroes, developed by Rocket City Studios, is just this type of game. It’s also quite unique, thanks to its story premise that sees heroes of history fighting together to save the future from destruction.

In Second Chance Heroes you will be dealing with a lot of different monsters. This should be no problem, considering you can control Napoleon, Abraham Lincoln and other historical figures as they wield some really over the top weapons like chainsaws, cannons, chain guns and more.

The gameplay experience of Second Chance Heroes is quite fast paced and exciting. The controls may seem complex, with a lot of different virtual buttons, but they work incredibly well in the context of the game, allowing players to dish out some serious damage to monsters and get out of danger quite easily.

There’s definitely more going on in the game as mere senseless destruction, that’s for sure, but we won’t know more until the game actually releases on the App Store. Thankfully the release date isn’t so far, since the game should be launching next week. Time to review a bit of history and get your weapons, or rather thumbs, ready for the mayhem.

If you’re curious about the game, you can take a look at a trailer for it right below.

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