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A Short Hike is a sweet indie open world adventure game where players must explore and do tasks, eventually getting to the top of the mountain to get cell phone reception. The game is a relaxing way to pass the time, full of fun interactions with other characters and lots of tasks to complete. One of the tasks is to find the lost watch belonging to an animal and if you find the watch you get a Silver Feather as a reward.

We show you below how to get the item you need in A Short Hike watch location.

A Short Hike: How to Get the Sheep’s Watch

You play as a young bird who must hike Hawk Peak Trail to find cell reception at the top of the mountain. The trail is harder than Claire can cope with so she must gain Feathers to help her get stronger and faster. One of the quests in A Short Hike gives Claire a Silver Feather which boosts her abilities. This reward of a Silver Feather is granted for finding a mouse’s watch.

Players must speak to the mouse who is camped under a bridge near the Visitor Center. She explains that the watch is lost and she hopes no one has sold it on the internet! Promise to find it and return it to her.

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The Mouse’s Location to start the watch quest (via A Short Hike)

Leave the mouse and head off north to the mountains. Near a cliffside is a pelican who is selling Gold Feathers, and also needs money for tuition. If you donate 400 Coins to them for their tuition then they will give you the watch they found. They say they were about to sell it on the internet to get the money for tuition, but now you have given them what they need they will gladly give it to you.

Watch location (via A Short Hike)

Buy the watch from the Pelican and make your way back to the mouse to receive your Silver Feather reward! And that is the quest complete.

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A Short Hike is available to play on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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A Short Hike Watch Location


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