For a limited period of time, the amazing anime RPG Epic Seven will get an event which will leave you breathless and in awe: “So The Roses May Bloom”! If you love this game as much as I do, then you have all the reasons to get excited about it, because it will be, indeed, Epic!

Unfolding even more of the game’s rich story line, this event will have all the classical love story plots. From an inspiring intrigue, to forming friendships with other characters, and even betrayal, everything will create a romantic atmosphere that will draw you right in.

The event will feature unique rewards, such as mysterious jewelry, flowers, and why not – even a letter from a secret admirer (yep, that’s right)! Another unique event only item will be added, and that is the “Love Potion” (four stars artifact) which will let you collect the event themed currency.

The currency you collect by equipping this artifact will be then later used to exchange for the exclusive Valentine’s Day items! Also, let’s not forget the most important feature of the event for all of us eager to collect all the characters: Luna’s (five star character) drop has been increased from February 14th to February 27th! 

So prepare those Covenant Bookmarks and get ready for multiple summons to get the amazing Luna while the rate is up!

Since the game is created in such a way that all your choices will affect the outcome, make sure you think twice before picking! By making your unique choices, each player will be able to create their very own love story in Epic Seven!

The “So The Roses May Bloom” event will run from February 14th until March 6th, so make sure you complete as many stages of the event as possible and collect all the currency needed to exchange for the useful event items!

If you’re looking for a good team composition, check out our Epic Seven tier list! And also, if you are new to the game, take a look at our game guide and learn the coolest tricks to help you form a powerful squad!


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